27 August 2008

Quick & Easy Meals VII - Pork Belly Wrap

One of my favourite home-cook recipe which is almost effortless to prepare and cook. Yet the dish can turn out quite pro looking and tastes yummy :D
Just that the ingredients may not be readily available from the usual supermarkets or wet markets. Hence I only cook it once in a while if I happen to go to supermarkets that sell a large variety of Jap foodstuff and good cuts of meat.
Jap-style Pork Belly (sliced) Wrap with Golden Mushroom

Ingredients (20+ pieces)
  • 300g - 400g Pork Belly (thinly-sliced packed, available from Meidi-ya Supermarket, Isetan Supermarket, some Cold Storage/Jasons outlets. I don't use bacon as it is too saltish.)
  • 2 - 3 packets Enoki Golden Mushroom
  • Barbeque Sauce Ginger 生姜焼のたれ (Ebara brand 230g bottle, available from Meidi-ya Supermarket, Isetan Supermarket)
1) Marinate the pork belly slices using the barbeque sauce for at least 1/2 hour.

2) Place 2 slices of marinated pork belly horizontally to each other.
3) Place some golden mushroom perpendicular to the pork slices.
4) Roll the pork belly wrapping the golden mushroom.
5) Cut the pork wrap with golden mushroom into 2 pieces.

6) Heat some oil in a cooking pan, over medium fire
7) Once oil is heated, place the pork wraps into the pan.
8) Turn the wraps once they are browned.

9) Once meat and golden mushroom are cooked, serve hot.
The pork wraps are in bite-size pieces, just pop them in whole into the mouth. The unique crunch of golden mushroom complements the tender meat very well. You will be able to feel the tantalising sensations of the crunch, together with juice oozing from the golden mushroom, fats from the meat and sauce that tasted saltish & sweetish with hint of ginger.
I love to eat the pork wraps with Jap short-grain rice and raw Jap cabbage drizzle with thousand island sauce. As the pork is on the saltish side, it's better to eat with plain rice. The sauce also goes well with rice.In fact, this dish can be versatile too. One variation is to wrap the pork belly with asparagus (similiar to what the Yakitori store Tori Q sells. Concept is the same, just that the sauce used at Tori Q is teriyaki sauce). If you don't like this BBQ sauce with ginger, can also replace with teriyaki sauce or other meat marinates.

And besides cooking in a pan, you can also skewer the wraps for BBQ.

Once skewered, the pork wraps are perfect for BBQ as they are easy to cook and eat. Look sorta atas :p The bamboo skewers shown here are available from Daiso.

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