25 October 2008

Frolick Frozen Yogurt, Holland Village

Always passed by this eye-catching store located next to Crystal Jade when I go Holland Village but never try it before. Love the refreshing concept and design, esspecially the naughty and loud 'dare-to-be-different' slogans.
Since it was a hot and humid afternoon, decided to give it a try! Didn't think much of frozen yogurt until I tried Frolick. While I eat yogurt, I usually like those with some fruits e.g. Meiji Mixed Fruits/Aloe Vera/Coconut Jelly, to balance the sourness of the yogurt.

Decided to go for plain yogurt (the flavoured one is Peach) for original taste and opted for Cup A (smallest cup) at $3.50 as I didn't know whether I would like it. Decided to add strawberry topping for a dollar as the toppings looked so irresistable (there were other choices like nuts, marshmallow, rasberry...). Then I realised that if I order Cup B at $4.80, I would get a free topping -_- And I also realised that they usually give out free buttons with every purchase but ran out of stock -_- Well...

Would think that plain yogurt is rather sour; it wasn't. In fact, the sourness came more from the strawberry than the yogurt. The yogurt was smooth, a little creamy, not too sweet with just a nice tinge of sourness. I like it because unlike ice cream which is too creamy and rich, this is light on the palate. Perfect quencher for a sunny afternoon :)

Love these two pictures... don't the colours just pop?

Check out Frolick's uber cool website as well at http://www.frolick.com.sg/
241 Holland Ave#01-02 Holland Village

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