27 October 2008

Shopaholic in Tokyo - May 08

Here's sharing some of my prized purchases. Shop details were all provided in the travel journal already.

Assorted tea and accessories from Karel Capek and Afternoon Tea.

Onigiri Box from Shinzi Katoh.

Kitchen timer and bento box from Afternoon Tea.

Body wash and hand soap from L.B.C, Raconte-moi and Afternoon Tea.

Essential Oil from Raconte-moi. Love this aroma, but used up very quickly :(

Earrings from Jam Cover. So sweet!
Bracelet from Jam Cover.

Ring from Hotch Potch. Love this ring.

Assorted fruit cakes from Patisserie Qu'il fait bon. Yummy!
Didn't know that Shiseido Parlour also sold cheesecake? I love the loud blue colour of the box. Cheesecake was slightly heavy, similar to texture of New York Cheese Cake. Bought this at a basement counter of the Seibu department store at Ikebukuro.
Bought this at the Mont-Blanc shop at Jiyugaoka. Totally fell in love with the financier!!! The financier was fragrant, tender and the caramelised chopped nuts were addictive.

It was a perfect financier! I'm craving for this now. Although I can make my own financier, it just wasn't the same.
The brownies were so-so only though. The financier won hands-down.
Were these the only purchases? Well there were more, but only managed to take photos of these. At least my luggage wasn't overweight or bursting at the seams this time. LOL.

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