27 October 2008

Tokyo 7-10 May 08, Day 3 - Jiyugaoka

Jiyūgaoka 自由が丘
Was all excited because I was going to spend one full day at Jiyugaoka. I love Jiyugaoka for its relaxed ambience and the town is home to many concept zakka stores.
Passed by this bakery and was immediately attracted by the aroma of freshly baked breads. There is a small cafe on level 2 so decided to have early lunch here.
boulangerie DONQ francaise
TEL 03-5726-1640

I like this concept of bakery cum cafe a lot. Not many places in Singapore offer this concept. So far, my favourite is Provence at Holland Village, Singapore and The Loaf, Kuala Lumpur.
A set lunch included a drink, soup, salad and sandwich. The bread was one of the best I had eaten! The crust was crisp and yet bread tender.
Hug o War
2-14-19 Jiyugaoka Meguro-ku Tokyo Japan 1520035
Wed closed open 1100-1900
tel 03-5729-7045
Zakka store with very distinct concept, I think European-inspired. Very popular among the Japanese ladies.


doux dimanche
〒152-0035 東京都目黒区 自由が丘 2-15-11
TEL & FAX 03-5731-8363
営業時間 12:00~19:00 定休日 毎週火曜日、第三水曜日

Mainly stationary and cards. It seems most stores in Jiyugaoka are small but tastefully decorated.

imane mon premier イマンモンプルミエ
東京都目黒区 自由ヶ丘 2-16-25 シグナルヒル B1F
営業時間/10:30〜18:30 定休日/水曜日・年末年始

This is another zakka shop with unique interior design and furnishings.
Raconte Moi ラコンテ・モア〒152-0035 東京都目黒区 自由が丘 2-15-22
TEL: 03-5731-6330 FAX: 03-5731-6335
MAIL: info@raconte-moi.jp
URL: http://www.raconte-moi.jp/
営業時間:11:00~19:00 定休日:水曜日
Was totally mesmerized by the aroma in the shop the moment I stepped in. I'm quite sensitive to smells and love shops that smell good, in addition to tasteful interiors and elaborate packaging. The aroma came from the essential oil used. Liked it so much that I bought the essential oil immediately.
Timeless Comfort T.C タイムレスコンフォート自由が丘店
〒152-0035東京都目黒区 自由が丘 2-9-11
phone : 03-5701-5271 facsimile : 03-5701-5272
Zakka store that sells kitchenware, bakeware, serveware, linen, bath accessories, stationary...
Watashi no Heya 私の部屋
〒152-0035 東京都目黒区 自由が丘 2-9-4
営業時間 : 11:00 ~19:30 定休日 : 不定休
アクセス : 東急東横線 自由が丘駅下車 正面出口より徒歩3分
Another Zakka store that sells kitchenware, bakeware, serveware, linen, bath accessories, stationary...

Quatre Saisons
営業時間 : 11:00 ~19:30
Yet another Zakka store that sells kitchenware, bakeware, serveware, linen, bath accessories, stationary...
Hotch Potch
営業時間:1100am~800pm 定休日:無休
Besides zakka, all types of interesting knick knacks.

Ryu-Ryu Rucette
Open 1200-1900

Discovered this tiny and cute shop at one of the side streets. Mostly cards and stationary.
When tired, could always take a rest and enjoy some crepes and bubble tea with pearls.
Momi & Toys
住所:東京都目黒区 自由が丘 1-8-19 サメル自由が丘パート2
電話番号: 070-5043-0730
Cute little kiosk.
Make your selection and purchase ticket through this vending machine. Hand the ticket to the service staff.
My strawberry bubble milk tea with pearl. The milk tea was yummy but pearl not as nice as those in Singapore or Taipei.

After a bountiful day of shopping at Jiyugaoka, I met up with hubby at Shibuya. As I was tired and hungry, we just popped into a restaurant without knowing what it sold. Turned out it was something like chicken hot pot.

Sashimi salad. Refreshing!

The ingredients consisted vegetables, mushroom and chicken meat came in this cute box of drawers.

Tori Karaage.
Enjoying my hot pot!

Last day!
We slept late, spent the morning packing and then went around Shinagawa in search for early lunch.
Found this eatery selling Don sets, catering mostly to blue-collar workers and salarymen. No crowd yet since it was still early for lunch.
Ordered the Tonkatsu Set. Price was very reasonable, and absolutely delicious. The rice was fluffy; cut of meat was tender and fried to perfection.

With this meal, we headed back to hotel, checked out and proceeded to Narita Airport for our flight back to Singapore.

Longing to do something like this again...


  1. wow, you hunted down all my favourite zakka stores in tokyo! I love jiyugaoka too, it's really nice to walk along the streets and enjoy the atmosphere. :-)

  2. Hi piggy,

    Yep yep, love Jiyugaoka! Just window shopping or strolling around feels good. Wish I can stay in Japan long term :)

  3. haha, that's my dream too! I always imagine if I were to stay in japan, how crazy I'd be with all the zakka stuffs and pastries! ;-)

  4. Thank you so much for your post... I was looking for cute/zakka stores in Tokyo, and this post is really perfect... I'll be visiting them all... =)

  5. Hi April,
    Yes, you can literally spend one whole day at Jiyougaoka! Enjoy the zakka shopping.