21 November 2008

Uncle's Kitchen, Bugis Junction

I have not been to Bugis Junction for ages. Used to go there often when I was staying in the east. One of my favourite eatery was Tea Shake Hut located on level 1 which sold bubble tea, snacks like thick butter toast and simple main courses like fried rice with honey baked wings. Small shop, very popular and tables were filled rather quickly during meal times. I love the fried rice, especially the honey baked wings which were baked to perfection with some charred bits and the meat very tender and succulent. The chilli sauce (home-made I think) was also sedap and complemented the fried rice very well. The bubble tea selection was wide and very authentic.
Went there recently and shocked to find the space under renovation and worse, not Tea Shake Hut anymore. Searched online to try my luck, whether the shop has shifted elsewhere; surely such a nice and popular eatery could be sustainable? Luckily found a blog which talks about the Lost & Found Tea Shake Hut, now known as Uncle's Kitchen and re-located to Basement 1, opposite Bread Talk.
Had chance to go Bugis area again for some purchases and dropped by Uncle's Kitchen specially for the fried rice. The shop space is now slightly larger, more seats and tables with an open-kitchen. Concept is plain and modern unlike the old place with a more 'tea-house' feel.

Went in around 12.15pm and there were only a few tables occupied but from 12.30pm onwards, the whole place was filled with the office crowd.

There are four main courses like it used to be, and naturally I ordered my favourite, now known as Uncle's Fried Rice.

Variety of bubble tea has reduced significantly. Ordered the honey bubble green tea.
Despite being slightly early, I still had to wait for some 10 minutes before food and drink were served. The fried rice came piping hot and bubble tea, fresh and cool. In fact, this is a set lunch promo of $7.90 for a main course and bubble tea.

Ahhh, the familiar fried rice, honey baked wings and chilli, look exactly like it used to be. Or am I missing some prawns? I remembered a long time ago, they used to add prawns in the fried rice.
Anyway, the fried rice tastes quite similar but somehow not as fragrant as before. The chilli is still as good, just a tad not spicy enough. Nonetheless, I asked for more as it is not enough.
The honey baked wings are definitely still as good as before, succulent and sweet; the chicken meat tears off from the bones easily meaning the wings are well marinated. Yum!!!
The bubble tea is also very refreshing, not too sweet and well shaken (can see a thin layer of foam).

All in all, it is a hearty meal. Shall bring hubby to try as he is also a fan of the old Tea Shake Hut (we used to date there :p).

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