28 December 2008

My Holiday Baked Treats 2008

Been busy baking these few days for my gang's annual Christmas celebration. We know each other for around 15 years! Now that most of us are married and some with kids, our group has expanded to include the spouses and babies. Really fortunate and blessed to have them :)
This year, I volunteered myself as the 'baked treats' I/C, while W is in-charged of food. My menu included Sticky Date & Toffee Bundt, Home-made Egg Nog and White Wine Jelly with Red Fruits, all recipes from previous Shermay's Cooking School's workshops.
As for presents, decided on box of treats with Mocha Walnut Fudge, Pecan & Cinnamon Biscotti and Valrhona Cocoa Meringue Cookies.
This "instant" fudge is quite easy to do and can be made in advance. Only tedious part is cutting the fudge into individual cubes and wrapping them in gold foil. As our weather is very humid, the fudge tends to melt quite quickly, so I have to wrap them fast yet neat and presentable enough.
Biscotti is quite easy to bake as well, only catch is the slicing of the biscotti into fine slices after the first bake. The slices tend to break easily. As I have some leftover candied orange peel in my fridge, decided to add some into the biscotti instead of just pecan. Result is not bad.
Meringue cookies are not difficult to make either. Only thing, it takes 2 hrs to bake (low temperature baking to retain airy-ness of the cookie).
After baking all the 3 items, carefully packed them into clear plastic envelopes and into pretty boxes.
Boxes of baked treats all ready for my friends.
White Wine Jelly with Strawberry & Rasberry. Instead of wine glasses, I used plastic wine goblets (available from Cold Storage). Had wanted to make the bubble jelly effect on the top layer but ran out of gelantine mixture and too lazy to make another batch. Really liked the festive colours of this dessert. The white wine is a nice addition to the otherwise sweet jelly and tangy fruits.
This was my first attempt on Sticky Date & Toffee Bundt. Specially bought the cathedral-shaped silicon mould as I love the whole presentation when Chef Joycelyn demonstrated this recipe during her workshop. The pudding was totally yum; texture was dense and moist. The cake itself is not too sweet; for added sweetness, just top with more toffee sauce.

Bountiful table! Most items were ordered from Crystal Jade Festive menu, with a few home-mades by W - Country Veggie Soup, Whipped Butternut Squash and Veggie Sticks with Seafood Sauce Dip.

I love these greens by W! Was munching non-stop on celery and carrot sticks and dipped with the lovely seafood sauce (brand: The English Provence Co., from Cold Storage)

A belated Merry Christmas & upcoming Happy New Year to all!!!

So glad that I attempted so many new recipes these few days :D And now looking forward to another gathering on New Year's eve (this time at my place with hubby's colleagues). More baking and cooking ahead!


  1. Looking at these delicious desserts makes me wanna eat a chocoblast, hot and chocolately filled with vanilla ice cream and caramel sirope!! Mmmmm delicous!!

  2. Looks as nice and delicous as a nice and tasty icecream filled chocoblast.