06 December 2008

Orange Chiffon Cake - my first bake sales!

Was busy busy through the past weekday nights with my first bake sales!
It all started when I brought some orange chiffon cake to the office for my colleagues on Monday. Initially it was meant for a mahjong session at a friend's place but the session was cancelled last minute. So decided to bake one more (one cake is not enough) to bring to the office since I have all the ingredients.
In fact, I would bring some of my test bakes to the office once in a while. While my colleagues were enjoying the cake, one of them asked me if I would take orders? While bake sales is always at the back of my mind, I hadn't get down to really do the math and planning. But since there is a ready order, I thought, why not?
Ended up with a total of 12 cake orders for delivery on Thursday and Friday! Wow! So, after work on Tuesday, had to rush to Phoon Huat to purchase some of the ingredients/materials and then to supermarket for the oranges. And also to conceptualise a practical, economical yet eye-catching packaging.
Thereafter, it was baking, washing, more baking, more washing on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Started quite slow at first, practice makes perfect and by the time I did my 3rd batch of cakes, it was quite a breeze (2 cakes per batch).
Have gained much experience from this exercise indeed, from ingredient preparation, improving work flow to the trick of using my 2 ovens. I have one small 18L Convection Oven (no fan mode) which I used for most of my bakes. With such a small oven, there are definitely constraints but I have to make do with it and so far results were quite satisfactory. The another is a Double Grill Convection Microwave Oven (with fan mode) which I seldom use and it doesn't yield good results for some recipes. To speed up my baking process, I used both ovens concurrently with each batch of batter (batter is split into 2 tube pans). Interestingly, the Microwave Convection Oven took 40-45 mins to cook the batter while the normal Convection took almost 60-65 mins. Both cakes turned out almost the same in terms of texture, taste, colour. I also realised that an electric mixer is definitely useful in whisking egg whites; but I still prefer finishing off the desired almost stiff peak form by hand.
Colour of the orange chiffon turned out a pretty shade of light brown. Although the chiffon cake looks such a humble cake, every step in preparation must be carefully managed or else the results may not turn out good.
Texture of the cake is quite springy, light and fluffy to the bite and taste-wise rich with orange aroma, just the right moisture and consistency. Hubby commented I have made a remarkable improvement and it is not easy to get compliment from him! So happy! The cake is so light that I could polish a few slices at one go.
For packaging, carton box would be easier to transport/pack but kind of boring-looking. So decided to design a simple label and stick it across the box to seal it. Thought this is quite neat yet adds a striking touch to the plain carton box.

8 boxes of orange chiffon cake ready for delivery on Friday!
Anyone interested may drop me an email at dreamersloft@gmail.com :)


  1. Hi Meg,
    Well done! A good way to start. Keep it up and hope your "biz" flourish soon! :)

  2. Hi Jane,
    Thanks!!! Hope so too. Wish I have more time to bake but very busy and stressed up over work.

  3. Hi Meg,
    Is Aishah from Perth, just came across your blog nice job! I was wondering where didi you get your chiffon box and the lovely orange wrap? I do homemade cake fro sell in Perth here, was looking for something special for my cake packaging is hard to find in here. Please email to me or drop by my blog let me know if you sell them thank you http://hasana-aishah.blogspot.com/ or arioferoz@msn.com