30 December 2008

Valrhona Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

I really am obsessed with my new oven. Been baking non-stop every night after work. Even when I ended work around 10+ and reached home 11pm, I still baked till 1am. Am I crazy or what? LOL :D

This Valrhona Dark Chocolate Cupcake was learnt during my very first baking workshop at Shermay's Cooking School last year. The simple preparation method and ingredient list boasted my confidence; most recipes at the school are almost foolproof. I got hooked and also realised that baking is very therapeutic for me.
The buttercream itself is easy to make. Once ready, it's up to one's imagination to decorate the bare cupcakes. Realised that much patience and meticulous labour is actually involved in the decoration part.

While I have yet to master the decoration skills that of Chef Joycelyn (not sure if I could ever), I guess with some effort, results could be pretty good looking as well.


  1. hey, i love dark chocolate, and this cupcake look very lovely and yummy. do u mind to share the recipe??

    i must say u have a very interesting blog, im so going to try the belly wrapped with golden mushroom.

  2. Hi,
    Glad that you enjoy my blog :) The pork belly wrap with golden mushroom is very yummy yet quite easy!