25 January 2009

Cha ice cream from The Daily Scoop

Bought my Cha - Earl Grey ice cream from The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Cafe. Yay!

Been there a few times and the flavour was not available over the counter... finally decided to buy a 400g tub for takeaway.

Absolutely love the taste of Earl Grey with a tinge of milk. Very light, almost like sherbet. Treating myself to a daily scoop :)
I also tried the coconut flavour. Taste of coconut is strong but not overwhelming. There are even bits of coconut fruit. Not bad at all.

A new pineapple tart flavour is introduced recently, tasted just like pineapple tart, except difference in texture. LOL. But I would prefer the original thing.

Still waiting for the SoBerry Chez... hope it will be available soon.

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