25 February 2009

Beautiful rainbow

I saw a rainbow near my house after work today =D

Had finished grocery shopping and was on my way home to cook dinner when I caught the rainbow.

It was such a rare and breathtaking sight, I couldn't resist walking towards it, bags of shopping and all. Too bad I only have a normal digital camera without wide angle lens, so couldn't capture the essence of it all.

The rainbow was neatly sprawled across the open field. Never have I seen such a perfect arc with distinct spectrum of colours.

And if you look closer, there was another rainbow above this one, very faint, but still visible.

The lovely sight and gentle breeze sure lifted my spirits. Ahhh... the simple pleasures in life. I lingered for a while before going home. Could see kids and adults alike peering from their windows and similarly excited about the discovery.

Here's the view from my level. Pretty wasn't it.


  1. Hi Dreamer,
    The rainbow is breathtaking indeed. You are so fortunate to have such unblocked view from your house.

  2. Hi Emily,
    Apparently many people saw the same rainbow too =D
    Anyway, seeing it really sets me in a dreamy mood :p