09 February 2009

Cream Cheese Cupcake

Gosh, have not bake or blog for a while. Been really busy with a major project and finally it is coming to a closure! Yes!

Found some time to bake yesterday night. Decided to try Chef Daniel Tay's Cream Cheese Cupcake recipe learnt during one of the past baking workshop. This batch was baked for a special group of people whom I have been working with for the past few months.

Had wanted take photos during daytime to catch natural lighting, unfortunately the sun wasn't bright enough this morning. Had to make do with florescent lighting and the photos didn't turn out good :( Oh well, next time.

The ingredients are quite straightforward - grinded oreo biscuits (without cream) as base, baked cream cheese cake, and topped with cream cheese & lemon whipped cream, mini oreo biscuits and candied strawberries in strawberry syrup. I love the strawberries in syrup (brand: Fabbri Strawberry Fruit and Syrup, available at Shermay's Cooking School and Culina). I think it will go well with vanilla bean paste ice-cream.

Personally I found the cupcake too creamy, heavy and sweet for my liking. Probably people with sweet tooth may enjoy it. May tweak the recipe a little, when I find the next opportunity to try this recipe again. Many other recipes to try as well and looking forward to more workshops!

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