22 February 2009

Mini mahjong & table set

I got a new toy! A mini mahjong set complete with miniature table :D

The set looks so chio that I just have to get it despite already owning medium and small sizes mahjong sets at home (with mahjong table of course!). I think it is perfect for road trip travels, chalet, gatherings... where mahjong table is not readily available or space is constraint. The table is around 37cm by 37cm, whereas tiles measure a mere 2cm b 1.5cm. So cute can.

The miniature table looks pretty elegant, made from dark wood and complete with laquer-vanish. Table top is specially laid with green velvet and even the drawers are laid with brown velvet.
The tiles are quite well engraved too despite the size and even with tile holders for ease of handling. After playing, just keep the tiles back into the drawer. Neat!
Even if not playing, the set serves as a cool home deco piece, I think :p
Anyone interested to Kai Zhang? LOL!


  1. theres mahjong in cards too!!! lagi better for travelling :) but maybe some people still like the clanking sounds of the tiles.

  2. Yep yep, the sounds of mahjong tiles. LOL =p

  3. Hey! May i know where you get the mahjong set and the price of it?

  4. Hi,
    I bought it at Jurong Point 2, I think name of shop is Young Generation. Price is $138.

  5. This is sweet. I am from Ireland and just started playing mah jong. I play once a month at a Chinese friend's home. I am quite addicted. Your mah jong set is now on my wish list!

  6. Hi where you bought it ?

  7. There's a shop at Jurong Point level 3, opposite NTUC