17 March 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

It's my 30++ birthday! And I just came back from a Koh Samui getaway, birthday treat from my dearest hubby =D We have been talking about going to Koh Samui for the longest time, since we had already covered some of the regional islands like Phuket, Langkawi, Tioman, Dayang, Permanggil, Bali, Redang, Sipadan...

Koh Samui is definitely an island paradise, merely 1hr40mins direct flight from our doorstep! Anyways will blog about the trip once I sort out the photos, must have taken like hundreds. LOL. Watch out for the posts :) So exciting!

Ok, back to reflections for the past year, now that I've grown one year older =p (not that age matters anymore, after passing the 30-year old mark). Like I mentioned on my New Year post, 2008 wasn't a good year. Not exactly a bad year, probably just chaotic with many happenings, kind of mixed feelings. The most significant being the lost pregnancy. No worries, I'm not mourning about the loss (afterall, it's been 10 months). But I guess some incidents would be etched into the memory forever.

Work stress which made me almost want to give up. Given a challenging task over and above my normal job scope, that I wasn't mentally prepared and sort of groping in the dark at some point as didn't know exactly how to manage and handle. Being quite a perfectionist, I wanted to do my best, but on the other hand, many circumstances and pressures from different parties prevented me from doing so. Really learnt a lot from this project and I guess emerged with more experience as well as better understanding of myself and the many people revolving around it.

Have lost some last year, but gained a lot more...

Gah...don't want to dwell too much on unpleasant things now and spoil my mood, since I'm still on a holiday high! Life is short and time is precious, I should focus on being happy - like more travelling, more baking, more mahjong, more lifestyle desires and indulgences... LOL.

Just like to say that I'm really very fortunate to have my hubby for his unwavering love and pamering all these while, despite my temper and mood swings :p. I love you so much!

Also very blessed to have dear friends (some of whom made during the project, some known for a few years, some over 15 years!) for all the support.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes through email, sms, msn, FB. Thank you to my gang for the celebration last week. Really appreciate each and everyone.

For those of you who know me well, you know my birthday wish for this year. Hope my wish can come true soon!