01 March 2009

Zesty Lemon Pound Cake once more

It's WH's birthday! Decided to bake him the Zesty Lemon Pound Cake again since he so loves it =D Had baked it last Mar for him as well, based on Chef Daniel Tay's 'Just Desserts' recipe book. But somehow the taste and texture didn't turn out ideal.

So this time, after attending Chef Daniel's class where I got to see the live demo and also received some useful tips from the chef himself, I had a go at the recipe again.
The frozen semi-candied lemon peel used in the recipe is specially imported by chef from overseas and not available in retail market. The best alternative would be the candied lemon peel from Shermay's Cooking School.

I think the pound cake turned out much better than the previous attempt. Cake texture was dense but still light (due to meringue folded into the batter); taste with zesty lemony punch yet not overpowering. And the lemon cream cheese glaze is definitely a perfect combination :d~~~
The recipe yielded 3 loaves of pound cake, so I packed 2 for WH and his colleague, who loves it very much too! Hopefully this can pass their 'taste' test :D. If the overall result is good, probably can adapt the recipe for other flavours like orange.

Birthday package with cheery label.
I almost forgot how much I enjoy card and craft design. Still have some paper stock, embellishments, ribbons, stickers and craft stuff somewhere in my cabinets. Hopefully can find more me-time to indulge in my lost hobby once again. So much to do, so little time!


  1. The cake is a hit in office!! one office foodie commented that this tastes better than bakerzin's! thanks a lot for the cake. WH also generously shared one of the chocolate macaroons with me. it's very yummy too...liked the deep chocolately taste and it's not too sweet.

  2. Hihi! So happy that all of u like the cake and macarons :) Thanks! Will continue baking more goodies :p

  3. hi!

    love your labels, from this gorgeous pink one to your orange chiffon label.

    read from your blog that you actually printed the label out (orange chiffon one). where can we buy the paper for it to be printed and does printing require any special software?

    this will be very useful for my niece and nephew's various school stuff!

    thank you

  4. Hi Pansy,
    For the orange label, it's just designed on graphic software like Photoshop or Fireworks, then printed on normal A3 paper using laser colour printer. Really easy =D
    For this magenta/purple one, it's paper stock from Prints (Citylink Mall, Raffles City). And stickers from "Made with Love" (Plaza Singapura)

  5. oh! so after you print them out, just cut to size and glue it! i was thinking its some kind of special stick paper that comes in strips!

    thanks for the tip of buying paper stock from prints and stickers from made with love. i think this will be a better choice for my sis as they are now in p1 and 2

    pansy =)