21 July 2009


This must be the longest ever hiatus I took from blogging. Well, a series of events happened in the past one plus month and basically I was zapped of all energy.

How should I start? Hmmm, it all started during the end of May, where hubby and I made a 48hr trip to Switzerland. He was supposed to be there for a meeting and I decided to join him as SQ was running an air fare promotion. We made plans to extend the stay for a week to explore a few key areas like Interlaken, Jungfraujoch, Lucerne and even prepared for some light hiking at the Jungfrau Alps region.

One day after reaching Zurich, received an urgent call from home that my father was hospitalised and critically ill. So we made a decision to cancel our travel plans and return back to Singapore after hubby's meeting. Just before we were about to return, my mum informed me that my father's condition had stablised and we should continue our plans. Well, we already cancelled everything; moreover family is more important. Yep, so we flew 13hrs to Switzerland, stayed for 48hrs and 13hrs back.

My father recovered and was discharged soon after, but 2 weeks later he passed away in his sleep without any signs. It was sudden, but our family was sort of 'prepared' for the worst during his hospital stay. Anyway, we got down to prepare the funeral proceedings and stuff.

Bad news so far? Okie, a happier sharing then. After returning from Switzerland, discovered I am preggie! So baby had flown with me to Switzerland :p Lucky little one.

So all this while, have been busy managing the emotions and preparations and dealing with preggie symptoms. Was practically tired every day and zonked out by 10-10.30pm every night. Totally no energy or mood to cook, bake or blog.

Anyways, hope that I will regain my energy soon as I have tons of ingredients sitting in the kitchen gathering dust! Will try to blog more if I could, errr, probably it depends on baby's call :p


  1. Hi
    I'm Justina we met at the school not sure if you remember me. So sorry to hear the news about your father hope everything is well for your family.

    Was browsing your blog and thought of asking you on the ops you did last year. However glad to hear news on your pregnancy. I'm also trying hard for a baby hence can understand your joy. Congrats and see you in class soon. :)

  2. Hi Justina,
    Yes, I remember :) Thanks, appreciate the kind thoughts :) All the best to you too! See you!

  3. Hi Meg,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your dad! I hope you're taking it well. Congrats on your pregnancy! You must take care of yourself now, and don't wear yourself out. Hope to see more of your bakings tho'!
    Btw, I've just passed the Kreativ Blogger Award to you. Do check out my blog for more details. Take care dear friend.

  4. Hey. My condolences to you + your family about the passing of your dad. Hope everyone's coping well knowing he's back home with God now :)

    And CONGRATS on the pregnancy!!! I heard first trimesters can be tiring, so do rest well ya! :)

  5. Hi Jane,
    May not be baking so frequently now coz not really craving for sweet stuff leh. Haha.

  6. Hi Doreen,
    Thanks, appreciate it :)