06 September 2009

The Ultimate Fudge Cake Workshop

This is yet another overdue post, the Ultimate Fudge Cake Workshop by Chef Joycelyn at Shermay's Cooking School. Had meant to attend this workshop in April, but was held up. So postponed the attendance till August recently.

So far, most of the classes I attended were demo classes, with very few hands-on. And most recipes are based on individual or small portions rather than a whole cake. It would be nice if I could bake a whole layer cake for birthday celebrations and such. Therefore when I learnt about this hands-on workshop, I jumped at the opportunity. And knowing Chef Joycelyn's impeccable and meticulous style, the recipe and preparation method would almost be foolproof (less the frosting part which depends very much on individual skills :p)

Basically the workshop is systematically divided into 4 parts.
Part 1 - demo of master recipe of the Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Cake. This is an extremely easy recipe, guaranteed ultra moist and tender cake.
Part 2 - Participants proceed to work station to prepare the cake from scratch. Each participant got to bake, frost and bring home our own creations.
Part 3 - After sending off the cakes to bake, demo of the Creamy Chocolate Fudge Frosting. This is a Deep, Dark & Decadent Chocolate Fudge Frosting which can be a little sweet and rich for some people's liking. Advantage is the consistency allows the frosting to stay in room temperature relatively long period. Good for outdoor parties.
Demo of how to layer the cake and finish decor with the frosting.
Different techniques demo-ed to create variations of decor and finishing touches to the cake.
Bonus recipes were also given in the recipe pack for us to vary the flavours of both the cake as well as the frosting.
Part 4 - On to the work station to prepare the frosting and start our own decoration.

Only took a few photos as we were kept busy with the preparation.

Preparing the cake batter.

Cake batter ready for some heat!

My completed Ultimate Choc Fudge Cake. I know. Hideous looking. I need more practice on piping skills.
Overall, it was a fun experience, although the work station is a little cramp due to limited space. Kudos to Shermay's team for preparing all the logistics to ensure everyone has his/her own set of equipment and adequate share of ingredients. Definitely not easy to run such a hands-on workshop as the whole place got really messy and dirty.
As for the cake, I'm sure I will have to opportunity to bake it for someone's birthday or for some gatherings :)


  1. Beautiful and tempting cake...

  2. how was the class? I am thinking of signing up for the class. Any advice? Thanks.

  3. Hi Wenxin,
    I learnt very useful techniques on layering and frosting a full cake.