02 January 2010

Healthy Lemon Cheesecake, The Conscious Choice

Had a New Year gathering with a group of close friends at my place and hubby specially ordered this healthy lemon cheesecake that is gluten-free, wheat-free and sugar-free from The Conscious Choice Cakes so that I can eat :)

Been dessert/sugar free for 3-4 months already so it is exciting to discover this online shop that sells a variety of cakes and cookies catering to people with allergies and certain medical conditions.

Couldn't make up my mind between carrot and walnut, chocolate, sticky date or lemon cheesecake... I want to eat all of them!!! Finally selected lemon cheesecake as I do miss a nice slice of dense and creamy cheesecake with a tinge of lemony taste.
The cake may look humble but don't judge it by its appearance. It is certainly rich, dense and creamy yet not overwhelming. Even those who don't fancy cheesecake found it acceptable for their palate. As for me, I'm relishing every morsel of my single slice (yep, no over-indulgence allowed) :d~~

There are other healthy options offered by The Conscious Choice Cakes such as egg-free, low-carb/high-protein and etc. I thought it is a brilliant idea to have such options so that people with allergies and medical conditions may still have their cake and eat it too; people these days are also opting for healthier menu choices without the guilt.
The only gripe, the shop sells only whole cake so I couldn't possibly order them often unless Í have large gatherings. But then again, very soon I should be able to eat normally again... *fingers crossed* I promise to be good and will definitely not over-indulge like I used to. Looking forward...
The Conscious Choice Cakes

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