13 January 2010

Variations of pan fried fish fillet

Started my maternity leave this week so that I can make some last minute prep for the BIG DAY and also get myself mentally prepared.

To ensure a balanced and healthy diet these last few days, all my lunches and dinners are home-cooked. Fish is an apparent choice and of all fish, I love salmon, cream snapper and cod fish the most :d~~ Somehow, I'm more inclined towards the western style of pan frying fish with olive oil and seasoning with salt, black pepper and herbs than the chinese way of steaming and seasoning with light soy sauce, ginger and spring onions. Probably coz I'm bored with chinese style cooking since the other chicken and pork dishes I cooked for dinners are mostly chinese style.

These were eaten over 2 lunches, another variation can be found here and recipe found here.

Besides pan fried potatoes, can also try mashed potatoes with herb butter or the Jap-style potato salad.
Hopefully I'll have time to cook for the next few months (except during confinement of course) and explore new recipes!


  1. Hi mum to be,

    Another way to cook Salmon is adding Garum Masala, salt, olive oil and put in the oven for half an hour ! That's it.
    I learnt this when I was in NZ, the local taught us, its easy and grease free.

    Have a smooth delivery !

  2. hi! i first started reading your post when you were trying out orange chiffon cake and have been following on and off ever since!

    obviously it's been a LONG time since i popped by cos i didn't know u're expecting! congratulations =))) time REALLY flies.


  3. Hi Ling,
    Thanks. Will try it out next time :)

    Hi Pink,
    Thanks for dropping by again. See you around soon :)