23 March 2010

Craving for Banana Muffin

I have a craving for banana muffin recently.

In fact, even bigger craving for Jemput Jemput Pisang or I know it as 'Kueh Bomb'. Basically mashed banana with flour, sugar and egg, shaped like a ball and deep fried to darkish brown. I think it is also called Kuih Kodok or Cucur Pisang in Malaysia? Found several recipes on the net and seems really easy to make at home.

Anyways, I figured it would be sinful to eat too much calorie-laden deep fried food, so I decide to settle for the less guilty banana muffin. I could bake and eat them over a few days as breakfast and snack :p
Found a quick and easy recipe from The Little Teochew's blog, perfect since it would only take less than an hour, just nice to squeeze in between my baby's feeding and nap time.

Followed her recipe, except that I cut down sugar by 30g and did not do the crumb topping as I ran out of brown sugar.
My muffin cups were smaller so I could yield around 13 pieces of muffins whereas hers 10.

As the muffins were baking in the oven, rich aroma of banana filled the house and I was drooling in anticipation! After the muffins were done, couldn't wait for it to cool down and munched on one immediately :d~~ Yummy, it was soooo good. Moist and tender with richness of banana... I could polish a few at one go. The muffins tasted nice even when cooled, but best served warm. Go ahead, try it!

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