09 April 2010

Avi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson, Malaysia

As mentioned in my previous post on Avillion Port Dickson, both hubby and I tried the spa treatments at the relatively new Avi Spa. In fact, one of the reasons for giving Avillion PD a try again (after not-so-pleasant experience 5 yrs ago) was the spa.

People who know me or read my blog will know that I love spa treatments and the relaxing ambience that spas offer. I'm always on the lookout for nice spas whether in SG or overseas if I have time and in need of spa therapy.

I love the concept of the glass house with white panel exterior, giving a clean, bright and modern look.

Upon entering the spa, I'm immediately taken into the colour scheme of the interior furnishings, very pleasant and soothing pale shades of brown with white and teal.

Was ushered into the spa suite overlooking the sea. The room is divided into 3 sections, 1 section a lounge sofa and bathtub (didn't get to use the bathtub), the other the treatment bed and in the middle section steam room and shower. Once again, I love the interior furnishings and decor. Spa suite furnishings check, facilities check, ambience check, soothing pipe-in music check. Room temperature check. Now for the spa therapy.

My treatment was the 'Complete Me' for 2hr15mins with a welcome foot bath, herbal steam, followed by choice of body scrub or wrap and choice of massage. I chose the nonya pomelo scrub and aVi signature massage. For the signature massage, I could select one of the four signature aromatherapy oils. Aromatherapy and essential oils check.
So we started with a foot bath for around 10 mins, followed by 25 mins of steam bath. Next is the body scrub where I was given a full body rub down on some pomelo and ginger concoction for about 45 mins. After washing off the scrub, my skin certainly felt smoother :) And finally the massage I was looking forward to. The therapist did wonders with gentle strokes and kneaded away my tight knots especially my neck, shoulders and back. Spa treatments check.

And finally after the treatment, a pot of warm citrus ginger tea which tasted really nice! After treatment beverage check.

Went to the ladies restroom to check it out as well. Looks good too.

For hubby, he did just a Traditional Malay Massage which he said was ok. His room was smaller than mine without the lounge sofa and bathtub and he had his after massage refreshment at an open lounge area overlooking the sea. I didn't get a chance to visit the lounge.

In conclusion, we were quite satisfied with the service, ambience, facilities and treatments. Though pricey, it was still considered worth the value. Would we be back again? Probably, when we need another rest and relax holiday. 


  1. Gosh, I'm yearning for a vacation now. Didn't know pd had such a wonderful place!

  2. What a beautiful spa, I love the glass all around ! It must have been a wonderful experience, you are so lucky :)

  3. Hi Tracie,
    PD is very near to KL, you can go anytime :)

  4. Hi Narumi,
    Are u in Japan? I love Japan! Japan has many nice spas as well :)

  5. How much does the pamper me cost?