15 April 2010

Baby 3 Months

Baby is 3 months now! It seems as if time flew past in a flash and images of the past 3 months seemed so fuzzy. Yet each day has been and is still long; was and is still a challenge.

Challenges to breastfeeding, challenges to nap and sleep times, challenges to baby's fussiness and crankiness... there were so many moments of frustration. The heartaches when baby's not feeling well, incessant crying and at loss of what to do, sleep deprivation... at times, really felt like throwing the towel.

Yet seeing baby's achieving milestone developments as each day passes brings warmth to the heart. His smiles and coos in response to mummy, ability to lift up his head when on tummy...

To me, motherhood is a rollercoaster ride with explosive mixed emotions and change is the way of life. Just when I thought things have settled down, new challenges emerged or so called 'baby's pattern' change again. Steep learning curve indeed. Both mummy and baby are still learning day by day, taking one step at a time.

Personally I think no amount of mental preparation would be enough; and adjusting mindset and lifestyle take tremendous efforts and perserverance. That said, reading reference books, websites and seeking advice from friends and family really help a lot and I'm fortunate and grateful to all of them. Most of all, I'm blessed to have the support and understanding of my hubby who has to put up with my crankiness from time to time.

For now, devoting my energy to the 2 men in my life is my way of life. Happy birthday to hubby and happy 3 months to baby!


  1. oooohhhh... he is such a cutie. Handsome little one.

  2. Hi edith,
    Thanks :) He's cheeky and got a temper as well!