15 April 2010

k ki + the little dröm store

K ki ケーキSweets seems to be one of the most talked-about place selling Jap-inspired cakes and pastries recently. There are many raves on the cakes sold there and it's not hard to see why. I first came to know of K Ki from Facebook group; by looking at the photos I'm already drooling. Hence, made a vow that I must visit the store asap! Sounds so serious huh? :p

Sneaked away from baby for a few hours during a weekday to run some errands and specially visit K Ki, as I heard that the place is usually crowded during weekends and may not be possible to get a seat.

Located at Ann Xiang Hill, the place is quite easy to find with the help of the signage placed at the junction of Ann Xiang Hill and Club Street. Reminds me of Jiyougaoka in Tokyo where stores would usually display creative boards by the road junctions or roadsides as direction signages.

The shop space is not very big and houses k ki sweets as well as the little dröm store, a quaint little vintage store selling all sorts of knick knacks that remind me of the childhood days. Seating capacity is just 4 tables of 2-seaters only.

Once again, the interior display and concept reminds me of the shops at Jiyougaoka, subtle colours with minimalist look and feel. Ahh, makes me miss Japan...

The cakes are displayed neatly in the showcase, each looking like a precious piece of art.
I love the design of their namecard, so apt for the name and concept.
Love the mini display of handmade craft cakes. So cute!

Apple and carrot cake on sale, not sure if they are pound cakes as I didn't ask.
Parmesan cookies. Tempted to buy, but was overwhelmed by the cakes that I forgot.
K Ki's very own cotton tote bag. I want too, but then again I have too many bags so have to pass.

And now for the reason why Í was there. The cakes! Because I'm supposed to limit my sugar intake, I could only choose 2. Hence, read up on reviews and recommendations prior so that I know exactly what I want. I have my heart on Antoinette, followed by Kinabaru. Luckily a few slices of Antoinette were still available. Unfortunately, Kinabaru was sold out. Likewise Strawberry Tart and Strawberry Shortcake (the alternatives). The store co-owner (also wife of the pastry chef), Delphine recommended the Mont Blanc. I'm not exactly a fan of Mont Blanc but since it is highly raved by many and is supposedly one of the most sought-after cakes along with Antoinette, I should give it a try. She served me the Antoinette first so that Mont Blanc would remain in optimal temperature for tasting. Such thoughfulness :)
Oh, just look at Antoinette. Isn't she a beauty? The dainty little thing of white chocolate mousse with a surprise of mango puree in the middle. A touch of finely chopped pistachio and crystalised ginger bits complete Antoinette.

I couldn't wait to eat it and hastily snapped a few shots. This was the first time I felt such strong urge to plunge into the cake without any photos. Probably also coz I haven't eat cake cake for a long time since my pregnancy :p

Oooo... it was so good, featherlight tender and melts in the mouth, it's like once in the mouth, it's gone suddenly and made me yearn for more and yet since it's so precious I have to savour it slowly and carefully.
I thought white chocolate would be coyingly sweet but it's definitely not. And with the slightly tangy mango puree in the middle of the cake, the blend is just perfect.

And now for Mont Blanc. Ok, confession. I'm really not a fan of chestnut cream so can't say I enjoy the cake alot. But unlike some other pastry shops, the taste of chestnut cream here is definitely very pure and refine. The almond tart base is also nicely done and once again I'm not a fan of almond tart base. And probably just a tad too much cream for my liking.

Nonetheless, it's a beauty to look at as well... and I must say one of the better Mont Blanc I tried which I could finish.

Now onto the little drom store. It's so nostalgic to see some of the vintage items I'm familiar during childhood days :)

Some retro clothing as well.
Just look at these. I remember them, they were sold at my friendly primary school bookshop. The rubber with national flag, the sharpener, the glue... Those days, I would save up 10 cents everyday just to buy something from the bookshop at the end of each week. 
Didn't know that they are called kewpies. I remember I had one and I even knitted a dress for her. I think the old school bakeries also used kewpies as decor for cakes last time.
Five stones. Used to play five stones during recess :)
Glasses with different brand logos. Yep, remember drinking from such glasses before, especially during Chinese New Year, Mirinda Orange!
Cute little animals, their heads can bob up and down :)

Besides these, there are also many vintage cameras on sale, as well as note pads and photobooks. I bought a photobook on fishing for hubby since he likes fishing.

Yearn to be back for more... especially the missed Kinabaru, Strawberry Tart and Strawberry Shortcake. Hopefully can find some free time again! Till then, shall drool over the photos on k ki's Facebook group and blogs of folks who have been there.

k ki ケーキ (+ the little dröm store)
no. 7 ann siang hill
Tel: 6225 6650
Operating hours:
11am - 9pm (Mon to Wed, Fri and Sun)
11am - 7pm (Thurs)
11am - 4pm (Sat)
Close on occassional Mondays but the little dröm store remains open.
k ki website: http://www.kki-sweets.com/
k ki Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=217143653786
the little drom store website: http://thelittledromstore.com/
the little drom store Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&gid=341223305382


  1. looks like a nice place.. will probably drop by during my trip to SG next week..

  2. Hi Swee San,
    Yes you must go try the cakes :) If possible, go on weekday more likely to get a seat. Heard that it's crowded during weekends and will have to takeaway rather than dine-in.

  3. Just went there yesterday. It's pretentious, the vintage stuff is very expensive and some don't event work, the lady boss is rude and unwelcoming. If you're looking for warm Jap hospitality, you are sorely mistaken. Our group of six spent $80 on six kinds of cakes and lots of coffee and tea. And just as i asked for another refill of water (which I had to go to counter with my glass), she had the nerve to tell me: "This is not a sit-down-and-eat place, it's takeaway."

    So what the heck are the chairs and tables for??