18 April 2010

Pita Pizza

When I read the 15-min cheater's pizza posted by Noobcook, I was bought over immediately. It's quick and easy, just what I needed for a fulfilling breakfast or lunch these days! What a brilliant idea :)

I love the idea that anything goes and here's my attempt using very simple ingredients. The layers go like this:
Wholemeal pita bread > store-bought pasta sauce > baby spinach > shredded mozarella cheese & cheddar cheese > tuna flakes & tomatoes > shredded mozarella cheese > mixed herbs > Bake in oven for 10-15 mins at 180 degree celsius.
*Tip: lay a piece of non-stick baking paper or silpat mat under the pizza so that the cheese won't stick to the paper when melted down. (I used alumnium foil once and the cheese stuck on the foil, and the pizza was difficult to remove).

I reckon this combination is relatively healthy and nutritious, no? There's carbo (wholemeal pita bread), protein (tuna flakes), calcium (cheese), fibre and vitamins (spinach, tomatoes).

I love the melted cheese and tomatoes fresh from oven... comfort food to me I say. I can eat this for few days in a row :p

The pizza could even be put together in advance and store in the fridge. Just pop it into oven anytime when desired. Usually I'll prepare the pizza the night before and next morning, a hearty breakfast awaits. Really convenient with my busy mornings.

I'm definitely going to try other combinations such as hawaiian, mushroom, seafood, chicken and so on. Nom Nom Nom...


  1. Hi,

    May I know where did you buy the pita bread ?
    Its much easier to use store bought.


  2. hehe thanks for the mention. I'm going to try out your version with tuna and tomatoes coz it looks really good! :p

  3. Hi Anon,
    Bought it at Sheng Shiong, freezer section brand is Quix.

  4. Hi Noobcook,
    tks for visiting my blog :) ur homemade food always inspires me :)