20 June 2010

Winter Melon & Minced Pork Soup

The weather has been blazing hot recently! This is a very quick and easy boiled soup using winter melon, which supposedly has cooling and detoxification properties. For my family of 2, just soup with rice is sufficient for a wholesome dinner.


  • 1 slice of winter melon (usually sold in disc slices at supermarkets)

  • 200g minced pork

  • 8 - 10 prawns (optional)

  • 1 - 2 eggs, lightly beatened (amount of eggs depends on preference)

  • 1/2 piece of dried seaweed (usually sold in packs of 2 pieces)

  • 1 cube of anchovy or chicken stock (can also make your own soup stock)

  1. De-shell the prawns and mince. Mix with minced pork and marinate with some light soy sauce, Hua Tiao cooking wine and white pepper, for at least 15 mins. Just before use, shape into balls.

  2. Cut the winter melon into strips.

  3. Boil 2/3 pot of water and add the stock cube.

  4. Once water is boiled, add the winter melon.

  5. When winter melon is softened, add the minced pork and prawn balls into the soup.

  6. Bring to boil on medium high heat till the meat is cooked, then lower heat and cook for another 15 to 30 mins (if you prefer the winter melon to be really soft - no need to bite at all, cook for longer period).

  7. Turn heat to high and add the egg, giving it a quick stir in the soup.

  8. Break the seaweed into smaller pieces and add just before serving the soup.

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