30 July 2010

Baked Tofu, Beef & Cheese

Recently I have this craving for comfort food with lotsa melted cheese (must be the stormy weather). When I saw Noobcook's Baked Tofu, Beef and Cheese, I knew I had to try it! Step-by-step instructions with photos are shown in her blog so it makes it really easy to follow.

Followed the recipe to a T, but instead of 3 baking dishes, I managed to squeeze all the ingredients into 2 x 12cm diameter baking dishes (these are the 2 personal size baking dishes I have anyway).

Towards the end of the baking, I could see some broth bubbling at the sides of the baking dish, with the mozzarella cheese melted to a golden brown crust and an alluring aroma lingering in the air... couldn't wait to eat it!
Verdict, it was YUMMY! The broth from juice of the beef and onion plus seasonings tasted really sweet and I was slurping up the 'soup' together with the minced beef and tofu. Love the combination of soft tofu, crunchy onion, chewy beef and crispy/chewy mozzarella cheese. I was taking mouthful after mouthful despite the dish being piping hot. Have it hot, otherwise wouldn't taste so nice anymore.

And yep, I finished one bowl (as you can see in the background) and a half (too full already - this recipe is supposedly for 3!). Probably will half the recipe next time. This makes a wholesome and healthy lunch for me (since hubby isn't really keen on foods like baked rice and such). Give it a try, hop over to Noobcook's blog for the recipe!


  1. Çok iştah açıcı görünüyor. Ellerinize sağlık.


  2. Awesome! Tofu -my favourite food, check. Beef-another of my favourite, check. Cheese- well, nothing goes wrong with melted cheese, I suppose.

  3. hehe thanks for the post, the casserole you made looked yummy :) yes I find myself drinking the "soup" too hehe :p

  4. @Shirley, try it! And eat it while still hot. I ate a bit when it turned cold and the beef taste was too overwhelming.

    @Wiffy, thank you for sharing the recipe. Now your website is my staple for quick and easy recipes!