21 August 2010

Baked salmon with pesto wrapped in foil

Since I'm nursing my baby exclusively, eating healthily is very important and has become part of my lifestyle (although I crave for junk food and sinful stuff a lot of times, and do indulge once in a while). As far as possible, I try to include more fish in my diet. Besides steamed fish, I have been eating lots of salmon since it boasts of various health benefits. The supermarket near my place sells relatively fresh salmon fillets that are already de-boned so it's pretty convenient for me to just grab a slab when I hop over for grocery shopping.

Usually, I'll just sprinkle some sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper and pan-grill the salmon fillet but recently, I'm getting really sick of grilled salmon, as well as the fishy smell of my kitchen/frying pan whenever I prepare salmon. So I searched through the internet and different blogs for baked salmon recipes. Was glad to find quite a number of recipes that calls for baking salmon in foil, which is good coz I'm worried that the fishy smell might linger in my oven.

This particular recipe is from Noobcook, the ever trusty blog for quick and easy recipes :) She even has step-by-step photos on how to wrap the salmon parcel. Didn't feel like making my own pesto so grabbed a can when I happened to go to Marks & Spencer the other day.

For the veggies, I used asparagus, baby carrots and cherry tomatoes.

Just assemble, wrap and the baked salmon was ready in 30 mins (including baking time), easy peasy. Saves me a lot of time and no need to wash any dishes! Why didn't I think of baked salmon previously? Ok, I'm so searching the net for more baked salmon recipes. Meanwhile, hop over to Noobcook's blog for recipe. Bon appetit!

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