17 October 2010

Paradise Inn, West Coast Plaza

This was our second time to Paradise Inn. Didn't have much recollection of our first dining experience there which was a year ago. Probably coz the dishes ordered weren't good or impressionable in the first place.

Earlier this year, I read from Chubby Hubby's blog about Paradise Inn's Braised Pig Trotter with Vermicelli. The way he described the dish and his photo made me salivate on my keyboard. I had always LOVE this dish and would cook a similar version at home whenever there's a craving. Made a mental note that this is a must try dish. But everytime we went West Coast Plaza, we almost always ended up dining at Sushi Tei. So the idea was shelved for quite sometime until this weekend when we were cracking our heads on what to eat.

This time, I insisted on going to Paradise Inn. We ordered the Salted Duck Soup, Braised Pig Trotter with Vermicelli and Chinese Spinach cooked with 3 eggs (can't remember the exact name)

The Salted Duck Soup came in an urn with a burner to keep the soup hot, something which I appreciate as I like my soup hot. Unfortunately, the taste was disappointing. Hubby said that there was a burnt smell in the soup and probably the duck meat was burnt when cooking?

Next, the much anticipated Braised Pig Trotter with Vermicelli. And true as Chubby Hubby had described, the vermicelli was moist and well-soaked in the pig trotter sauce. There were a generous amount of pig trotter which was fatty (I like!), tender and succulent. The blanched choy sum was refreshing and brought a balance to the otherwise heavy dish.
The Chinese Spinach was well prepared as well, with a tasty soup stock and nice proportion of chicken egg, salted egg, century egg and minced pork.

There are other dishes on the menu that look good and we saw many people ordering some braised tofu, sweet & sour pork etc. There's also a good selection of brewed herbal and floral tea as well as dessert.

Looks like this would not be the last time we visit Paradise Inn!

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