15 October 2010

Spa Village, Cameron Highlands Resort, Malaysia

The Spa Village is a renowned brand of YTL group and since we stayed at Cameron Highlands Resort during our trip, naturally I had to try the spa therapy there. I had visited the Spa Village at Tanjong Jara Resort many years back and was really impressed with both the spa environment and service, so was looking forward to the same if not better experience.

I opted for the 2.5hr Fresh Strawberry Escapade which consisted of a Strawberry Tea Bath, Strawberry Body Polish and Strawberry Aroma Massage.

Arrived at the spa reception and was served a hot and soothing chamomile tea with hot towel to freshen up.
Thereafter was led to the changing room located at the ground level of the spa village. Bath chambers and relaxation lounge are also on the ground level whereas the treatment rooms on level two.
Changing room with lockers. Amenties such as bath robe, towels, shower/bath toiletries, dryer etc are all provided.
I was supposed to de-robe and then led to individual bath chambers. This rose bath belonged to another guest.
Was impressed upon entering the bath chamber. Besides the luxurious bath tub filled with strawberry tea bath, there was a head cushion where I could rest my head and a set of ear phones for some relaxing music.

A tray with cold towel, lemon drink, tea bag (for putting on eyes), bath salt/lime/tea leaves (for rubbing away dead skin) were provided while I enjoyed my bath.

After soaking in the tea bath for 15 mins, I waited at the relaxation lounge for the treatments to commence.
Was led by my spa therapist to the treatment room.
My body polish concoction of  strawberries, yoghurt and crushed oatmeal. Looked good enough to eat. LOL.

The therapist gave me a soothing rub down with the concoction and thereafter I took a bath to clean up before starting the massage proper. As she kneaded away my tight muscles, I drifted off to dreamland. Ahhh, sheer bliss. I love massages!

All in all, the spa experience was pleasant and service was definitely top-notch here at Spa Village, Cameron Highlands.

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