30 December 2010

Chuan Spa, Langham Place Hotel, Hong Kong

During the 3rd day of our holiday in HK, I took a couple of hours off from dear son to indulge in a pampering spa treatment at the Chuan Spa, located at Level 41 of the hotel.

Have visited Chua Spa during my work trip 3 years back (was not staying at the hotel and travelled all the way just for the spa) and was truly impressed with the spa ambience and treatment. So this time round, it was a must-do for me, especially since we were staying at the hotel itself. I'd rather sacrifice my shopping time than miss this!

Entrance to the spa.
Pre-spa relaxing at lounge area. A warm cup of tea was served while completing some particulars.
The view was spectacular. Previously I was there at night and it was even nicer with all the city lights.
Chuan Spa's philosophy of harmonising the 5 elements of the body with spa treatments.
Could see the sun setting in the distant.
Free flow of hot tea.
After completing the questionnaire, was brought to the female changing room. A personal locker was assigned.
The changing room has everything, bathrobes, towels, shower, amenities, sauna and steam rooms, jacuzzi.
After changing, I was brought to another relaxation corner.
I love this relaxation corner, where I could enjoy some tea and cookies before treatment commerced.
The cookies were yummy!
Water feature along the corridor, the sounds of flowing water always have this calming and therapeutic effect.
Spa treatment room. My treatment was a 60min Chuan Harmony massage. The therapist was very skillful in her massage techniques and soon I drifted off to sleep. Alas 60min was all too short!
After the massage, was led to the post spa relaxation lounge.

Warm tea with chilled fruits was served. A totally blissful way to end the massage, with refreshment, nice view and comfortable lounge bed. The price doesn't come cheap though, but who cares? I was on holiday :p

Chuan Spa - Hong Kong
Level 41, Langham Place Hotel,
Mongkok, Hong Kong
T (852) 3552 3510

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