28 December 2010

Hong Kong Nov 2010 - Day 3 & 4

Day 3 - as usual dear son woke up bright and early at 7am *yawn*. After washing up, we headed out for breakfast. Spotted this eatery selling porridge and noodles.

But no porridge available yet, so we settled for noodles.
Mine was Shrimp Dumpling noodle. The noodle was very chewy and dumplings fresh. Not bad.
Hubby ordered some chicken feet and pork noodles. Couldn't remember what Mum and MIL ordered.
A nice cup of tea with milk to warm up my body.
Was elated to see this 'Can Dan Ji' (aka luncheon meat with egg sandwich) on the menu and I had to order it as I love this sandwich very much! It's comfort food for me and made me a happy gal =D

After breakfast, we strolled to the open market which is just nearby.
All of us love browsing at local markets and made it a point to visit local markets during our overseas trips if there's a chance.
Array of dried goods.
Live chicken and duck. I don't think we can find this in SG anymore?
Pork stall, look at all that meat.
All sorts of root veggie.
The greens here look so fresh and 'green' *envy*
Jap cucumber, so pretty.
A different species of bittergourd.
The Choy Sum was so fresh!
Live fish for sale.
This bloody sight looked a little morbid early in the morning though. In fact, I took a photo of some bloody fish heads that were still moving but decided that it was a little disgusting and cruel to look at.
Coagulated pig's blood! I missed this which is no longer available in SG. But we didn't get to eat it this time.
Buckets of beancurd.

After the market tour, I went back to the hotel to nurse dear son and let him take his morning nap while hubby brought Mum and MIL to Wong Dai Xin Temple. After dear son woke up, I met them up at the MTR station to go to Central to shop for dried seafood. Dried seafood is famous in HK and there are streets in Central with at least 50 stalls selling all sorts of dried seafood like scallop, sea cucumber etc. Naturally we bought quite a fair bit. We had lunch at Central and continued shopping till afternoon.

Then hubby went off by himself to look at fishing tackle shops while Mum, MIL, dear son and I went back to the hotel. After I nursed dear son and let him take his nap, mum and MIL helped to take care of him while I went to Chuan Spa for a massage.

Will blog about Chuan Spa in another entry.

After a soothing massage, returned to the hotel room and discussed with the rest the plan for the evening. Hubby, mum and MIL went shopping/dinner first while I stayed back to feed dear son his dinner, nurse him and let him sleep. After they were done, mum and MIL helped to take care of dear son while hubby and I went for dinner.
As it was getting a bit late already, we went to a nearby mall and settled for sushi at this sushi restaurant Sushi One.

A very pretty marine tank in the middle of the restaurant, feast for the eyes while we feast on the sushi,

Ordered some interesting looking sushi and dishes not seen in SG's sushi restaurants.
This was salmon, cucumber, peach and black roe wrapped in cucumber. Quite unique and refreshing.
Agedashi brinjal, similar to agedashi tofu.
Some grilled items, chicken, chicken wing, mushroom and zucchini with cheese. Nice!
Tempura sweetcorn. I liked this, especially with the wasabi thousand island dip. Why don't SG restaurants serve this? Or perhaps there are, just that I didn't know.
Tamago. Thick and sweet, I like it!
I think this was Ika with salmon.
Inari sushi with crabmeat.

Overall, the sushi quality was pretty good and price-wise cheaper than SG surprisingly. Quality somewhere between Sushi Tei and Ichiban Boshi but at Sakae Sushi's price.

After the dinner, I went back to rest while hubby went for a massage at a spa near the hotel.

Day 4 and final day.

Morning was OTOT. After dear son woke up, hubby and I brought him out for breakfast. We found this buzzling little eatery selling porridge and chong fun.

The porridge was very smooth and silky. Hubby absolutely loved it!
The Chong Fun was quite smooth as well (not the dim sum type) and dear son liked it too. It seemed that everyone who came in would order one bowl of porridge with a plate of chong fun. Maybe that's the way HK people enjoy their breakfast.
Next to the porridge stall was this Roast meats stall. We decided to pack some roast pork and chicken for our dinner since it would be late afternoon by the time we reached SG.

With that, we went back to the hotel, packed up, checked out and took the Airport Shuttle Bus to the airport, shopped a bit before boarding the plane bound for home. Dear son had a meltdown and cried before the plane took off as he missed his morning nap and milk feed. Actually that was my intention, hoping to nurse him and let him sleep. Unfortunately, he was overtired. Oh well, thankfully he felt asleep while the plane took off and sleep for almost 1.5hrs. The remaining time, we tried our best to keep him occupied with food, snacks and books. It was so tiring!

All in all, it was quite a pleasant vacation. We didn't do very much but still, enjoyed the weather and the food. Well, probably will go back HK again, next time, I must explore more food places!

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