08 January 2011

2 no-bake cheesecakes - tofu yogurt & cream cheesecake, mango cheesecake

For the just past Christmas/New Year gathering, besides making individual festive treats, I also made a tofu, yogurt and cream cheesecake that I learnt during the Jap Home Cooking demo class conducted by Chef Aki last July.

Due to copyright stipulated by Shermay's Cooking School and the chef, I couldn't share the recipe here. Basically, cream cheese, yogurt and tofu are used. It is no-bake so method is relatively simple. The texture is more like mousse than cake I would say. Taste-wise, very creamy and tangy. The cake was an instant hit with the kids, as most kids love yogurt. Babies above 9 months may eat it too so long as they have tried these ingredients as single foods before with no adverse reactions.

Another variation is a mango cheesecake by Mabel of baby @ thescafer.net.

 My cheesecake looked different from hers though :p
Texture was still mousse-like and tastewise, more creamy than the tofu cheesecake and complemented with bits of sweet mango. Check out her blog for the recipe :)

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  1. Nice nice nice! I can already taste the smoothness in my mouth.