06 March 2011

Chicken Wings with Momofuku Octo Vinaigrette

I think I mentioned before that my favourite chicken part is the chicken wings; affirmed by several of my past blog entries. Yes, I know it is the most fattening and sinful part, but I really couldn't give it up.

Came across this recipe at Steamy Kitchen's blog described as "one of the very best chicken wings I’ve ever laid lips on". Wow! One glance at the ingredients and the tantalising photo, I was convinced and tempted to try.

Basically quite an easy recipe, the tedious part was the chopping of the garlic and ginger till very fine. And oh, I used the small chilli padi (my first time handling!) and man, I was literally tearing and sneezing all the way while cutting these fiery little devils! Much more potent than onions. Worse, my fingers burnt for a few hours thereafter :(

I followed the recipe, except the baking duration. After baking for 20 minutes as indicated, the wings didn't look brown enough, so I baked them for another 20 minutes. Mine looked 'plump and juicy' whereas hers look a tad drier. Not sure if grill mode was used?

Anyway, the verdict, the vinaigrette was really appetising, tangy, spicy, sweet, saltish, fragrant... good with white rice and some romaine lettuce. Beware of dragon's breath thereafter though since lots of garlic were used! If interested to give it a try, hop over the Steamy Kitchen for the recipe :)

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  1. I have heard people rave about momofuku's fried chicken wings. Looking at your photos, they do look tantalizing. I am now tempted to order this if I get back there again.