31 March 2011

Eventful March

I can't believe March is coming to an end soon, one month gone past just like that. But the thing is I don't know how I managed to survive this long lasting month. I mean, so many things happened and I was literally dragging myself through and no mood to do anything. Spent the first week of March trying to manage a cranky toddler (due to our travel to Koh Samui end Feb which disrupted his daily routine).

And just as hubby and I were counting down to our long-anticipated vacation (without dear son) to Tokyo end March, the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. Initially we were still thinking of making the trip since Tokyo wasn't really affected. But as the hours passed, bad news kept looming in, with the most worrisome being a possible nuclear meltdown at the tsunami-stricken Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. Reluctant to give up my trip, I monitored the situation via all channels like news, internet, twitter, blogs, forums etc very closely. My perpetual need to scan the news and Internet for reasons not to worry daily almost drove me crazy. For two weeks, I was constantly on tenterhooks and battling with myself to abort this trip which had been my motivation for so long. I wanted to go Tokyo so badly!

In the end, we decided it was no-go for Tokyo (due to shortened shop operating hours, limited train service, the Japan International Fishing Show cancelled - reason why we were making the trip in the first place) and started exploring other areas such as Osaka, Taiwan, Hong Kong... and finally settled for Bangkok. Why Bangkok? Hubby launched into his theory - if worst case scenario there was a nuclear meltdown/explosion, radiation could travel as far as 3000km radius of Japan, which makes all those areas dangerous. Ok, fine, whatever, I was too weary to think. I just wanted to get away. So to Bangkok then. Shall update about the Koh Samui and Bangkok when I have the time and mood. Watching all the news and videos of the earthquake and tsunami made me feel so sad about the plight of those affected, yet an even greater respect for the Japanese who demonstrated true courage and resilience. I love Japan!

Anyways, amidst all the saga, I celebrated my 33rd 34th (gosh, I totally lost track of my own age! LOL! Only realised after a friend prompted me :p) birthday. Well, nothing fanciful, just a quiet me-day that's all, which was what I needed. Birthdays and age don't seem all that important now, do they?

Ok, enough of my ramblings. I now sincerely pray that situation in Japan would improve coz I have another trip to Tokyo (to attend a Shinto Wedding) in May. Please?? Please!!!


  1. i do hope you get to make it for the May trip! We're the same age, I see.. :) Happy belated birthday

  2. Ermmm, actually I'm 34! Lost track :p LOL :p

  3. Hi. I am going to Tokyo in June. Here are some links to confirm the situation is safe.





    Have a great holiday, whatever you do!