22 April 2011

Steamed milk with egg whites & purple sweet potato

April has been an awful and dreadful month so far... with dear son being cranky and throwing tantrums everyday. I'm simply too exhausted by the end of the day to edit photos or blog, just want to relax and indulge in mindless things like net surfing. Totally lame, I know.

Anyways, here's a quick one. This Steamed Milk with Egg Whites and Purple Sweet Potato dessert was from Cuisine Paradise's blog. Was attracted by the pretty purple hue of the dessert that I made a mental note to try making it. So happened to have leftover egg whites (from making lemon curd for a cupcake order) and some purple sweet potato (from my mum), I decided to make the dessert last night.

The whole process was pretty quick and easy, followed Ellena's recipe except that I reduced the sugar by half. Felt that 1 tbsp of sugar was already sweet enough, moreover I wanted to let dear son try the dessert so better be less sweet for him.

Both hubby and I liked the smooth consistency of the steamed milk with egg white and the purple sweet potato gave the dessert an unique flavour. We shared a bowl between us and chilled the other bowl for dear son to eat after lunch today.

Alas, he didn't like it. Ate like 2 small spoonfuls and turned his head away. Prefered his Greek yogurt instead. I wonder why? Well, toddlers -_-"

If interested in the recipe, please hop over the Cuisine Paradise's blog :)

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