23 June 2011

Tempat Senang Spa Resort, Batam

Past Sunday, hubby brought me to Tempat Senang Spa Resort in Batam for a full day spa retreat. I've never heard about this spa resort before and in fact was a little sceptical about the quality of treatment and service there. Hubby assured me that he heard good reviews about the spa from the internet, and after seeing their website I was more or less convinced. Anyway, it seems like a good deal, 6hr of spa treatments including lunch and land transfer (excluding ferry) at S$195+ per person during weekend (a 1hr spa treatment at full-fledge spa in SG could easily cost more than $80).

We took the 8am ferry from Harbourfront and reached Sekupang Ferry Terminal in less than an hour. A staff from the spa was already awaiting for us at the entrance.

The drive to the spa resort took about 10 minutes, the last part was in fact a bumpy dirt track. There wasn't even a signage indicating that we were approaching the resort. But it was a pleasant surprise when we reached, it is quite an exclusive resort set amidst lush gardens and next to a golf club, with a Balinese style architecture.

The reception area is safari-theme though.
We were led to the lounge at level 2 where the staff asked us to choose 6 treatments from the spa menu. There are basically massages, facials, scrubs, wraps, herbal compress etc. I chose 2 massages, 1 scrub, 1 wrap, 1 herbal compress and 1 ear candling.

While the spa therapists prepared the room, we roamed around the resort.
This is the entrance to a few of the suites. The resort has 7 theme suites like Bali Room, Sultan Room and etc. We peeped into a few of them and they looked quite nice. Probably we could come back another day for a proper vacation.

There's even a small plunge pool.
The spa treatment rooms are housed in a different building. This is the lounge area.
Our spa treatment room, simple furnishing with toilet, shower and bathtub.
For the morning part (9am to 12noon), I started with a massage, followed by ear candling then scrub. After a refreshing shower, we took a break for lunch.
The dining area is perched on the 2nd level of the main building, overlooking the golf club, very airy and comfortable.
Refreshing lime juice.
We could choose our lunch from a few selection like sandwiches, fried rice, pineapple rice and etc. We chose Nasi Campur which turned out to be an excellent choice! Very sumptuous indeed, there's beef rendang, curry chicken, vegetable popiah, grilled prawn and gado gado. The popiah and curry chicken were nicely cooked, gado gado with the peanut sauce refreshing, only the beef redang was a little tough.

After the sumptuous lunch, we strolled around before proceeding back to continue the rest of the treatments. In the afternoon (1pm to 4pm), I did a wrap, massage and lastly, herbal compress. After end of the treatments, took transport back to ferry terminal and caught the 5pm ferry back to SG.

Overall, the spa treatments were quite good and the therapists relatively skillful. My favourites were the massage, ear candling and herbal compress. But 6hr could be a little overdose. Both of us felt like a marinated piece of meat at the end of the 6 treatments! I think if we were to return, half-day package should suffice. Anyways, we were glad to discover this hidden gem in Batam, and would recommend friends to give it a try.


  1. Looks like a beautiful place. I want to go there!

  2. Wow! You really like spa! This sounds like a gem of a place

  3. Based on your recommendation, I went to this place. I would go again for a day spa :) http://openkitchenconcept.blogspot.com/2011/10/relaxing-stay-at-tempat-senang.html

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I visited the resort last year May as well. Here's my blog post url for sharing: http://aspirant1981.wordpress.com/2011/05/22/travel-holidays-tempat-senang-boutique-spa-heaven-batam-indonesia-singapore/ Enjoy :)

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    Do try this place as well, mid price range and their traditional massage is highly popular, love your blog btw.