26 August 2011

"Tan Tan Tan Tan" Tan-Tart (Egg Tart)

Hahaha. No, this post isn't about the Singapore Presidential Election nor BreadTalk's latest creation the "Tan-Tart" :p BreadTalk is once again very witty in coming up with this creation :)

This is my very own Egg Tart, a second attempt using Shirley's (Kokken69) recipe :) The first attempt was made 2 weeks ago using Edith's (Precious Moment) recipe.

This time round, I made cutesy mini ones so that it's easier for dear son to eat, and for us adults too, we can pop one directly into the mouth!
Bought this mini 'chwee kueh' moulds which to me, very worthwhile as I can use them to make mini Chwee Kuehs, mini Egg Tarts, mini Kueh Koswee and possibly mini Chicken Pie.
Look at the size of my mini Egg Tart. Dainty and cutesy :)

Shirley's recipe was as straightforward as Edith's. But once again my stumbling block came with the dough which was really soft and pliable, making it impossible to cut into rounds using a cutter then line the moulds. Upon reading her steps closely one more time, I realised she said "Press the dough into a tart mold and press well to line the tart mold". So I took a lump of dough, and just press the dough into the mould as neatly as I could. It worked! And initially was worried that the tart might stick to the mould after baking making it difficult to unmould, but it was actually easy to unmould the tart as the dough itself was quite buttery. Hurray!

As my moulds are really small, I could only use up half of the custard. Thus I made another batch of dough in order to use up all the custard; I yielded about 40-44 pieces of egg tarts based on double portion of dough and single portion of custard. I reduced amount of sugar as I didn't want my tarts to be too sweet, they still turned out quite sweet. I also made some adjustments to the oven temperature. For my first batch of tarts, I baked them at 240C (max temp of my oven) for 10 minutes and some of the tarts were slightly burnt. So for the second batch, I reduced temperature to 220C and the tarts turned out just nice.

Egg Tarts (40-44 mini size)
  • 180g Unsalted butter
  • 70g Powdered (Icing) sugar
  • 24g Egg
  • 340g Plain flour
  • 16g Evaporated Milk
  • 160g Eggs
  • 65g Castor Sugar
  • 50g Evaporated milk
  • 210g Water
  1. Cream softened butter with sugar until white and creamy.
  2. Add egg (24g) and mix until well incorporated.
  3. Add evaporated milk (16g) and mix until well incorporated.
  4. Add in flour and mix well. A soft dough will form.
  5. Chill the dough in the fridge for an hour
  6. Press the dough into a tart mold and press well to line the tart mold, as evenly and thinly as possible.
  7. Chill the lined tart molds for 15 mins. In the mean time, prepare custard.
  8. Prepare custard by mixing all ingredients for custard together. Sift the custard before using.
  9. Pour custard mixture into tart casings.
  10. Bake at 220C for 10 mins until custard sets. The custard will still be a bit woobly, let cool till lukewarm before eating.
As usual I couldn't wait till the tarts cool completely and pop one into my mouth once they are cooled enough to eat. Hmmm, the crust was slightly crispy and crumbly and egg tarts really silky smooth this time. And the taste tests by hubby and dear son? Hubby said they were good, in fact slightly better than the previous attempt. As for dear son, he ate two pieces, his actions already proved the worth of my egg tarts since he is such a discerning eater.

The tarts turned a little soft the next day despite being kept in an airtight container (I didn't keep them in the fridge), probably due to our high humidity. Just need to pop them into a pre-heated oven (180C) for a couple of minutes and they'd turn crispy again.


  1. Looks delicious. Can you post some over to me in Australia?!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    They are actually quite easy to make, give it a try :) Do you need the mini moulds? I can send some over to you :)

  3. Tan tan tan tan.. LOL. Hey.. I wanted to say I'd be going to Bangkok soon and I've found your posts really helpful. Thanks!

  4. Where did you buy those mini moulds? I wna try making some egg tarts. :)

  5. Hi Camilojc Yongyong,
    I bought mine at Shermay's Cooking School. I believe bakeware shops like Phoon Huat should also stock them. Or even sundry stores. The other day, I even saw mini fluted ones at Sheng Siong Supermarket.

  6. Brilliant idea of using one mould to many recipes. Why didn't I think of that!

    Having some time before picking up girl and was browsing on your blog. We are hooked to Putin Wan Tan mee now and wanted to replicate it at home but just lack another ingredient, char siew! This one looks yum.

  7. Hi Edith,
    I have been accumulating too many bakeware so nowadays try to think of multiple use for each one before thinking of new ones :p
    Can't share the exact recipe of the char siew, but I have mentioned the ingredients used, so you can try adding them.