16 September 2011

Home-made Char Siew

Pardon for the long absence. I was busy catching all the episodes of Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy that's currently airing on Channel U. The show time is from 7 to 8pm which coincides with dear son's bath time and bed time preparation, so usually I have to miss the full episode. But I really like the show a lot so hubby rented the full DVD for me. So yep, have been "k-ing" the episodes whenever I have free time and at night :p

I digressed; back to my topic - Home-made Char Siew. Since attending Chef Chris's workshop on Sauces & Seasonings two weeks ago, I have been wanting to make the Char Siew using the tub of Home-made Plum Sauce which I brought home from the class. After procrastinating for so long, I finally made the Char Siew today!

As the recipe is under copyright of the cooking school and chef, I'm not at liberty to share it here. Nevertheless, many versions of home-made char siew recipes can be found in various cook books and other internet sites.
The original recipe calls for 1kg of meat which is too much for my family. Moreover, this is my first time doing it so I cut down the recipe by half; at least it won't be too much of a waste if it turns out inedible :p
I used pork shoulder meat (五花肉) bought from my usual butcher store at the wet market and marinade the meat overnight using a blended mixture of garlic, rose rice wine, maltose, sugar, light soy sauce, taucheo, dark soy sauce and nam yee.

The next morning, first roasted the meat in the oven for 15 mins at 220 degree celsius. Then reduced temperature to 200 degree celsius and glazed the meat with a mixture of the home-made plum sauce, honey and dark soy sauce. Thereafter, baked for another 15 to 20 mins, brushing the meat with glaze repeatedly every 5 mins.

Was actually quite surprised by how simple the whole process was. The end product - delicious, succulent, juicy and chewy char siew! The sauce was slightly sweet and salty and more than that, a special umami taste to it. Hubby liked it too.

Really pleased with my first-ever home-made char siew. I guess will be making it from time to time. But the next time, I need to make the home-made plum sauce first. Ok, another recipe to add to my to-do list! Till then :)

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