18 December 2011

Macau-Hong Kong Sep 2011 - Part I

Hubby and I went on an intensive 3D2N trip with a few Uni friends to Macau and Hong Kong back in Sep. It was basically a EAT and GAMBLE PLAY trip, and unfortunately we didn't shop much due to time constraint. Food was indeed the highlight and we went to many makan places that were really impressionable. So I'm going to focus a lot on food for this update with lots of yummy-looking photos to whet your appetite :p

We took an early morning flight via Tigerair and reached Macau in the late morning. Our friends actually departed a day ahead of us and so we took a free shuttle bus to meet them at the hotel. As it was still too early for us to check-in, we decided to head off to Rua Do Chunha 官也街 for lunch. It was also a little early for lunch, so we walked around and went into a little cafe for some luncheon meat and egg sandwiches 餐蛋治. Oooh, I love luncheon meat and egg sandwiches from HK, they are just so yummy! Forgot to take photos in my frenzy to gooble down the sandwiches.

Finally we headed to Seng Cheong Restaurant which was recommended by hubby's cousin. Apparently the specialty here is Crab Porridge. Sounds decadent already ya?

Deep-fried calamari. The calamari was fried to a perfect crisp and tasted so good with its chewy (not tough) texture. The dipping sauce was a little salty and sour, great combination!
Some veggies for a balanced meal. Stir-fried broccoli with baby clams. Nicely cooked too with a delicious sauce.
Here's the highlight, Crab Porridge. What can I say? The porridge tasted so sweet and fresh! Must be hours of slow cooking with the broth of chicken/pork with crab? It was so yummy that I had 2 bowls.
Steamed river eel in fermented bean and chilli. The eel looked menacing, I thought it would taste a little fishy but surprisingly not. Probably due to the use of fermented bean and chilli. The meat was quite tender as well. Not too bad.
Stir-fried spicy chicken. This was good, chicken meat was really tender and the sauce was tantalising.

After the satisfying lunch, we went casino-hopping and finally settled down at Wynn for Texas Hold'em Poker. Couldn't remember how long we played at the table, but by the time we realised, it was already past 8pm and we hadn't even checked in yet. Haha.
We decided to go for dinner first at a nearby restaurant, which served quite good food. We concluded that most restaurants in Macau/Hong Kong serve reasonably good food.
Stir-fried Kailan with garlic. Juicy and crunchy, nice.
Soothing and nourishing soup. Hong Kong/Macau people are really expert in boiling soup.
Shark's Fin broth with rice 鱼翅捞饭. The shark's fin broth was served in a hot stone bowl, we were supposed to pour the broth over rice for this. The broth was rich and went well with rice indeed.
Hong Kong/Macau is famous for its roast meats and so we simply had to try. The duck meat was juicy, tender and succulent. Thumbs up.
Seafood delicacies 包罗万有. A hot stone bowl full of seafood like scallops, abalone, sea cucumber and etc. Such decadence but actually not very ex.
We were greedy after whacking the duck meat and ordered some roast pork and char siew. The char siew was very nice, sweet and juicy. The roast pork was crispy but a tad too saltish.

Finally after the sumptious dinner, we headed back to our hotel, Hard Rock Hotel Macau to check in. But after washing up, we went back to Wynn Casino for more Texas Poker. Haha. Yes, we were crazy as it was already close to midnight. Well, since we were leaving for Hong Kong island the next day, we just had to maximise our time!
The deluxe room at Hard Rock Hotel was really spacious and well-appointed.

Such a pity that we spent so little time in the room. While the hotel is nice, it's located at the City of Dreams at Cotai, whereas our preferred casino is Wynn at the main Macau island. Probably next time we will stay directly at Wynn instead of having to travel a long distance between the hotel and casino.
We played till about 3-4am until almost KO. Headed back to the hotel and slept till late morning for check-out.
After check-out, we took a free shuttle bus to the ferry terminal bound for Hong Kong - our next leg of the trip. Had these scrumptious Portuguese egg tarts for brunch on board the ferry :p

The next post, I'll cover the Hong Kong leg of the trip, which was basically FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD. LOL :p Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Hubby and I are wanderlusts :p We are fortunate to be staying in Asia Pacific where travel around the region is pretty convenient.