25 January 2012

Hiroshima/Miyajima Nov 2011 - Final Part

Continued from Part I, II, III, IV and V.

Here's some sharing of my haul from the Hiroshima/Miyajima trip.

Our favourite Yuzu honey drink from Sugi Yohoen. There are many other flavours available like grape, lemon, blueberry, acerola, maple, rasberry... but we still like yuzu the best. The last time we purchased the honey was 3-4 years ago when we went Nikko. Glad to find a branch on Miyajima island itself.
This is a very interesting jam which I found at Yutori No Kitchen (Mitsukoshi), by Harumi Kurihara, one of the best-known cookery writers in Japan. The jam is milky, thick and creamy with a tinge of earl grey flavour.
Strawberry jam which dear son loves, available at most supermarkets.
Crochet linen, coaster and a fork. Bought at Natural Kitchen.
These 2 pouches are from Miyajima, they open up to a cloth bag and fold into a cube. Super kawaii.
Calbee veggie chips, bought at convenience store.
When I saw this electric weighing scale at Tokyu Hands, I simple have to buy it, so pretty :p I already owned a similar Tanita scale (green colour also bought at Tokyu Hands) but this is even better. There's an anti-slip silicone mat, the measurements come in g and ml (ml only for water and milk) and precision up to 0.1g. You know, sometimes I need 2 weighing scales at one go :p
The spatula with yellow handle is from Tokyu Hands, sold in Singapore for close to $10 but only $7 there. It's one of the most handy and useful spatula I owned. I already have 2 at home but one is a little worn out so I bought another 2.

The 3 other items, mini melon baller, chiffon knife and cake decorator are bought from Daiso at 200 yen each.
Fell in love with this watch the moment I saw it. Bought at cache cache, Shareo Underground Shopping Mall.
Read from a fashion magazine that this particular brand of curl lash fixer is good and the make-up remover sheets are very effective too. Bought them from France-ya which is a beauty shop selling beauty products from France.
Travel pillow bought from Tokyu Hands. Since we travel so much, both air and car, I reckoned a good quality travel pillow is important! This has a t-shirt material so the surface feels really soft and comfy.
Souvenirs from Miyajima. The spatula on the right was a gift from the Momiji-so Ryokan in Miyajima. Hubby just couldn't resist buying the 2 lucky charm for his fishing! I got a mini one for luck too :)

These are just some of the interesting items, the actual haul was ahem, more :p Haha.

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  1. Oh I REALLY like the look of that Earl Grey Tea jam! I like Japanese milk jam as it is, so earl grey with milk sounds even yummier! http://openkitchenconcept.blogspot.com/2010/01/milk-jam.html

    You are so good at picking out such stuff!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Japan always has interesting times to see and buy :p

  3. Hi OKC,
    I bought it coz I love earl grey and the thought of a milk jam with earl grey sounds yummy!

  4. Sounds like you had a very fruitful trip! I love the crochet line and coaster. Great accessories for your shooting. Gong Xi Fa Chai! ;)