09 February 2012

鱼生 Yu Sheng and an Award

Although the Chinese New Year may be over, I'm still hankering after 鱼生 Yu Sheng, which is a raw fish salad that's eaten only during this particular festive period to signify good luck and prosperity. Unlike other goodies like bak kwa or pineapple tarts which are readily available anytime of the year, Yu Sheng is only available during CNY.

I love the combination of textures and flavours of the Yu Sheng, typically consisting of raw tri-colour radish (red, green and white) shreds, pickles, pomelo, raw fish and condiments like peanut, sesame seeds, cinnamon powder, pepper, and finally crispy crackers with a special sweet and sour sauce. Different eateries from restaurants to hawker stalls have their own creations of the dish. Pre-packed ingredients (without the radish and fish) are also available at supermarkets for people to create their home-made versions. I used to buy the pre-packed ones but found it rather tedious to make the radish shreds; somehow we could never achieve the thin shreds like commercial sold ones.

Anyway, I'm proud to declare that I ate the Yu Sheng 8 times this CNY :p Huat ah!!! Haha, shows how crazy I am over this dish right? Anyway, here's sharing one that I had at Chinatown Food Centre, a hawker stall Zhen Jie 珍姐 highly recommended by hubby's colleague. I understand that they only sell this during CNY period every year (normal days they sell claypot dishes).

*Apparently the lady boss is quite famous for she participated in a Channel U Super Mommy Competition a few years back. Saw her at the stall, she's indeed a beauty :)

There was a queue when we went there about 8+pm on Sat night, and hubby told me there was a long queue the next day when he went with his colleague for lunch.
Taste-wise, the Yu Sheng scored above average, not the best we've eaten but good enough. It's quite peculiar experience to toss Yu Sheng in a hawker centre as well :) They also sell porridge which tasted very good!

If I'm not wrong, the stall will sell this till 12 Feb, so head to Chinatown Food Centre before the season closes!



An Award presented by Jane from Passionate About Baking!

Big thanks to Jane for presenting this award to me :) Frankly, I don't know many blogger friends although I've been blogging for a few years :p And in fact some of whom I've not met before. That said, it's nice to receive notes and comments from fellow bloggers or even just anonymous readers and I really appreciate the thoughts. If opportunity arises or there's an occasion, I would love to join in some blogger gatherings or meet up with blogger friends too.

Anyway, I'm supposed to pass this on, and I noticed many of the blogger friends I know already have this award. So, I'll just pass it on to the following 3 bloggers :)


  1. Thanks for the award! :) I've blogged about it and passed it on to 4 other bloggers.. http://openkitchenconcept.blogspot.com/2012/02/im-back.html