09 April 2012

Chicken & Apple Balls

Saw this Chicken & Apple Balls recipe on Food 4 Tots blog recently and decided to make it for dear son's dinner. I've never thought of adding apple to minced chicken, it's a brilliant idea to make the meat balls more juicy with a natural tinge of sweetness.

Didn't follow the recipe to exactness, just "agar agar" (estimate) based on my gut feel. Take for example the red onion, was worried that dear son won't like the pungent smell if I add too much of it and more cheese as he loves cheese.
I used the Furi Furi Girl rice ball tool (bought in Tokyo, use for shaping rice ball) to help me shape the meat balls and the meat balls turned out beautifully. I made them smaller, about 1.5cm in diameter probably.
Verdict? He absolutely loves the chicken balls, with lots of ketchup! I think he had 6 or 7 balls, which was a lot considering he's only 26 month old.

Definitely gonna make these little balls for him from time to time. And probably will add more greens like grated carrot or even broccoli forets to make him eat more greens :p Keen in the recipe? Hop on to Food 4 Tot.

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