22 April 2012

First week as a working mum

The past week has been hectic and overwhelming for me. As it is, starting a new job/routine and managing a toddler/chores are already challenging enough, I had to be caught in train breakdowns on two consecutive days. The train breakdowns were a total culture shock as I had not taken the MRT to work for at least 7 years (previous job I took company bus).

On Tuesday, I was stuck at the Boon Lay MRT station and decided to take a cab after 30 mins of waiting as I didn't want to be late for my second day of work. The situation at the station and nearby roads were chaotic and people were frantically trying to get alternative forms of transport. The cab queue was way too long and not moving at all, so I decided to call a cab but was on hold for way too long. Desperate times called for desperate measures, so I simply went up to people who managed to call a cab to ask if they were going the same direction. There I was, this crazy woman running towards the cabs as they pulled up along the roadside and asking people to share the cab! Luckily after a few tries, I managed to find a couple going to the exact location where I was going =D That said, I was still late for 10 mins :(

Then on Wednesday, I was stuck at Buona Vista station while changing to the Circle Line. It was really frustrating as it was two days in a row and to make matters worse, the communication by the station staff were unclear and confusing! Anyways, I made a new friend who's also working at the same location and both of us decided to take the bus instead of waiting in futile. Goodness gracious, the bus stop just outside the station was like a war zone. Both of us had to jostle our way through the crowd in order to get up the bus. It's like survival of the fitness, where the winners managed to squeeze up the bus.

Ok, enough of my transport rant. I just pray that these two occasions would not be occurring too frequently! Anyway, I was actually glad to be working again, you know being involved in work work. But the downside is, I tend to go into an overdrive and workaholic mode such that I brought some stuff home to read on the first day of work! I must constantly remind myself that, this is just a part-time job, I shall work hard during office hours and switch off to focus on my family after work!!

That said, it's indeed tiring to juggle between work, my attention seeking toddler and housework. After reaching home, I have about 45 mins to cook before dear son returns home, so it's a mad rush. And when he reaches home, it's another mad rush to play with him, wash and dry the clothes and then serve dinner. After dinner, washing the dishes, bath him, read to him and put him to sleep, and then pack his bag for the next day. By the time all's done, it's usually close to 9.30-10pm and I'm busted. But this me-time is too precious, so I tend to do my stuff like surfing net, play iPad games etc before my eyelids couldn't open anymore. I wonder how I'm going to survive in the long run? I guess I will get used to it somehow. Hubby went fishing from Fri to Sat, so I had to manage everything on my own those two days. It was easier when I was a SAHM but now that I'm working, it became quite a challenge. Kudos to the single parents!

Wish that I have more time to bake and blog, but not this weekend since my MIL was sick and couldn't help to take care of dear son. Anyway, I managed to attend a baking class on Japanese Swiss Rolls and Macarons by Chef Aki Watanabe at Shermay's Cooking School today. Hope to blog about the class soon! *yawn* I think I'm getting a bit incoherent, time to rest. Ciao!

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  1. So nice to know you are back to work! You must be doing very well to be able to still cook dinner! Gambatte! :)