19 May 2012

Restoran Foon Lock, Kg Bukit Tinggi Bentung, Malaysia

Last weekend, our family went on a roadtrip to Genting Highlands, Malaysia. During the return journey, Hubby brought us to this quaint little town just 10 mins away from the foot of Genting Highlands (towards direction of Kuantan) - Kampung Bukit Tinggi Bentung.

He sort of found out about this place through a Channel 8 or U travelling food show hosted by Bryan Wong. Apparently this little town is well known by the locals for its river fish dishes.

As we turned into the town, we spotted several eateries claiming to sell the best river fish dishes, but we drove on until we reached the heart of the town where it was bustling with life with several roadside vegetable stalls. The particular eatery Hubby was looking for, is known as Restoran Foon Lock.

Several vegetable stalls selling local produce, some of which we have never seen before, like a leaf-like vegetable with one side purple and the other green.

 Too many interesting specialty dishes that we didn't know what to order.

Since we were there for the river fish, it was a must-order dish. Settled on Tapah fish as we haven't try this fish before. I think most locals go for the bak sou gong/patin/catfish?

Steamed Kampung Chicken. Wow, this is the true blue Kampung Chicken with yellow skin! The meat was very chewy and flavourful, so unlike the usual chicken we eat. Even the Kampung Chicken sold at our local wet market isn't quite the same in terms of texture and taste.
Stir Fry Yin Yang Vegetable. It's a hybrid of Kailan and Choy Sum and tasted so much nicer than both the vegetables. It's crunchy yet tender, juicy and sweet, we totally love it!
The highlight of the meal, Claypot Tapah Fish. My my, the fish was tender and succulent and surprisingly no muddy taste/smell at all, which is normally detected in fresh water fish. The sauce was quite flavourful yet light and complemented the fish very well. Thumbs up!

Another Stir Fry Vegetable, Water Cress. As we like the Water Cress at Cameron Highlands very much, we wanted to try whether this would be as good. It was not bad, but not as tender as those found at Cameron Highlands.

Last dish, Steamed River Prawn. The prawns were huge! While the meat was very crunchy and succulent, we thought it lacked the sweetness of sea prawns.

All in all, it was a fantastic meal, something new and refreshing. Best part, it was pretty affordable at RM210 (4 adults 1 kid, with rice and drinks)! I guess we would be making a detour here whenever we head towards this part of Malaysia. Next time I want to try their wild venison, wild boar etc etc :d~~


  1. I went to the Genting Highlands as a little girl. All I can remember is alot of mist and fog and beautiful greenery. The meal looks really yummy!

  2. That's great journey. I love the Stir Fry Vegetable very much.

  3. hi, do you have the GPS location!! This May I'm heading Cameron Highlands. Mind to share

  4. Hi dead_du, the address is 84, Kg Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Bentong, Pahang. Take the exit point of Janda Baik to go to Foon Lock. GPS N03′ 20.992 E101′ 49.281