06 September 2013

Phuket Sep 2013 - Part I, Pullman Phuket Arcadia

Last weekend (Fri to Sun), hubby and I sneaked off to Phuket (without the little rascal) for a private getaway! We needed a restful and quiet weekend to ourselves doing nothing. The decision was rather last minute, we booked our air tickets only on Wednesday night, and confirmed the property we wanted to stay on Thursday night.

Initially we wanted to go Koh Samui (one of our favourite islands in Thailand) but the airfare is simply crazy $1400 for 2 to go! We could fly to Japan with for the same price! Ticket to Phuket is much reasonable $500 for 2 to go.

Now, the crucial part is the property. Both of us are very picky when it comes to selecting THE property to stay for any holidays, it is so important it could make or break our entire holiday. Woah, so serious huh? Ok, it depends on the objectives too but we are the sort who do a lot of research and read reviews first before making decisions.

The very first time we went Phuket was 10 years ago, where we stayed at a family resort in Patong Beach, and second time just last year to Club Med Phuket. Well, let's just say we did not like staying in big size family resorts; would prefer small-mid size or boutique hotels/resorts, unless the little rascal comes along and we needed more family-friendly facilities to cater to his needs.

For this getaway, we wanted a newer property with contemporary/elegant/chic architecture and furnishings, serene and quiet surroundings, ocean view, not too far from the airport and naturally a reasonable budget is important as well.

There must be hundreds of properties on Phuket! We narrowed down to those nearer to the airport, Mai Khao, Naiyang, Naithon and the furthest we want to go is Bang Tao. Hubby found the property that we thought fit our criteria - Pullman Phuket Arcadia located at Naithon Beach. It's a new property which just opened in Feb this year and the price listed on hotels.com is irresistible, about $500 nett for 2 nights, inclusive of breakfast and free wifi! Hey, I think we are good to go!

And I must say this is the one of the few properties where I fell in love with at first sight and already thinking of going back! The photos taken are mostly during day time as my camera couldn't present night photos very well. The property looks really charming at night with warm glow of orange lights dotting the hill and illuminating the dark surroundings.

We touched down in Phuket at about 7pm, and took a cab which took about only 10 mins to reach Pullman. The property is built next to the beach and perched on a cliff overlooking the Andaman Sea.

Entrance to the property. Security is tight giving guests the assurance.

Road leading to the lobby.

Bridge and stairways leading to the lobby/reception.

View from the bridge.

This area is not opened to guests yet.

Reception area. Check-in was swift and the staff were very hospitable and friendly. One of the front office staff showed us around the lobby area and even ushered us to our rooms after the check-in.

Plenty of cushy sofas and armchairs for guests to lounge around at the lobby area.

Check out the rocking chairs, very comfortable. I could fall asleep in one of those.

Love the colour combination of the furnishings, light-coloured wood with pastel shades of purple, brown, green. Soothing and relaxing tones.

A bar area at the lobby, not sure if it's opened yet.

Oh, and these enclave lofts overlooking the ocean!

Perfect for a few friends to hang around the night.

So beautiful I couldn't resist taking photo after photo.

The pool area is lovely too!

Check out the partially sunken deck chairs. Perfect way to cool down in this hot tropical weather.

Infinity pool overlooking the Andaman sea.

View from edge of the infinity pool.

Another area for guests to hang out.

More deck chairs

Poolside bar for guests to order light snacks and drinks.

Poolside bar for guests to order light snacks and drinks.

One of the restaurants, Vero Italian Restaurant. Pity we didn't dine here for this trip.

Vero Italian Restaurant.

Alfresco dining.

Lovely view for alfresco dining.

There's also a kid's club with some video games, toys and activities, drop-off service available for kids aged 4 and up.

Library area for guests.

Mini gym.
Apparently some parts of the property is not ready yet, like another 2 swimming pools, one specially for children. Hmmm, when that's ready, maybe bring along the little rascal? Well, holding on to that thought for now.
Are you in love with the property yet?
Next up, our room! Stay tuned!


  1. We'll be stay there in Nov, feel bit excited

  2. Do you remember how much you paid for the cab to the hotel?

  3. Hi Junyuan,
    I paid 500 baht. Went to the public taxi counter, and quoted this price. Checked with the staff about meter and they said no meter!
    Very expensive considering the hotel is only a short 10 min ride from the airport.

  4. Hi.... I going to be there next month.....booked a Grand Ocean Room as I loved its design. Any Tip ?? Rooms with best Ocean Views ?

  5. Hi, for Grand Ocean Room, probably building 16 or 17, they are behind the villas and closest you can get for Grand Ocean type of room. The closest to ocean is still villas and building 3 (ocean view room).

  6. This is a great post and enjoy the look of your blog very much. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Henry,
    Thanks for visiting my my blog :)