22 November 2013

Launch of Meg's Pastry Studio

I've just launched my very own pastry blogshop - Meg's Pastry Studio!


Not really a big deal lah, just a little home-baking venture. Over the past few years, I've been taking random pastry orders from colleagues, close friends and especially dear friend WH who is my biggest supporter! Really appreciate them for their support and trust in me!

Ever since I renovated my kitchen early this year with more kitchen space and oven capacity, I began to bake a lot more. Interestingly, after I blogged about my rainbow cake (here, here and here) and lychee ombre cake, a number of orders came in over the past few months, some from friends and some from word of mouth and some through my blog (I think they searched for rainbow/ombre cakes and came to know about me). I'm definitely happy because this means more chance for me to learn and practise.

Friends have been asking whether I have any website where they could browse what's available for order, and usually I just point them to this blog, or email/whatsapp photos to them. Well, I've been thinking about a website, but you know procrastinating all this while :p

Anyways, I decide to finally do it, a slightly easier platform for everyone to refer to. Well, just a simple blogsite, nothing fanciful, no e-commerce whatsoever because everything is customisable. Actually I've also been thinking about an appropriate name for the longest time and it was until after my recent Hokkaido trip that I finalised the name of the blogsite. One of my favourite zakka brand in Japan is known as 私の部屋 watashi no heya; and when I was at Otaru I found a little glass shop called ゆず工房 yuzu koubou, so I combined the idea and came up 私の菓子工房 watashi no kashi koubou, which translates to My Pastry Studio. I also decide that tagging to my name may be easier to recall, so Meg's Pastry Studio, that's it!

I'm not really expecting too much out of this. It's merely an extension to my hobby and I do want to take it slowly and easy, baking to my own pace without compromising on quality. There are also certain things I'm not ready to take on, like fondant cakes or figurines so you don't see them here.

So if you are keen in trying my pastries, hop over to Meg's Pastry Studio, browse through and drop me an email. If there are certain items you have in mind but not listed, feel free to email me for further discussion.


  1. Hi there! I found your lovely blog whilst on holiday at the Hansar in Koh Samui - we loved it there too. A delight to read your adventures and all the lovely food you get to try.

    Good luck with the Pastry Studio, the things you bake look divine. Just a shame we don't live closer so I could order - although I did live in SG for three years as a child.

    Wishing you huge success!


  2. Hi Di,
    Koh Samui and Hansar are lovely isn't it?
    Thanks for visiting my blog and the encouragement!

  3. wow, you're a great baker and congratulations on your pastry studio!