12 January 2014

Crochet Workshop conducted by Sewinlove at BFF Zakka Store

Yesterday afternoon, I attended a 3hr crochet workshop conducted by Sewinlove, at BFF Zakka Store.

Now, I must confess that I have very clumsy hands and fingers (cue: I have a number of burnt marks on my hands to prove the point since I cook and bake so much) and I'm absolutely hopeless in sewing. So why on earth did I decide to attend a crochet class that I reckon needs nimble fingers? Haha. Well, coz I was very attracted by the grannie square, doily and fashion accessories done using crochet by Diana, founder of Sewinlove Workshops and Yarnshop. I have a few pieces of doily which I bought in Tokyo and the thought of me, able to crochet my own doily instead of buying sounds good.

And so why did I buy doily in the first place? Hahaha, coz I'm a zakka fan and I hoard such stuff! Actually I hoard a lot of place mats, napkins, coasters and such because I use them when I take food photos. Talking about zakka brings me to another point, yes I've been wanting to visit BFF Zakka Store since it opened last year. Being a zakka fan, how can I not check it out? Just that I stay in the far west of Singapore and Joo Chiat is kind of far :p (ok, excuses). I missed the past crochet beginner workshops last year, either busy or travelling so when notice for this class was posted, I registered immediately! This is killing two birds with one stone! Ok, I digress.

BFF Zakka Store is located in Joo Chiat, on second level of a row of shop house very near 112 Katong. Not difficult to find since there's a hand-drawn motif on the wall at the entrance on ground floor.

Colourful flight of stairs leading up to the shop.

Photography display outside the door.

Welcome to BFF. The interior is long and narrow, quite spacious as compared to zakka shops in Japan.

There's an entire section dedicated to plants. Although I don't have green fingers, I was also tempted by these soothing terrarium.

Display of different knick knacks. In the far end was the cozy area for our crochet workshop.

My favourite section of the store. I always love the soft feel of natural light coming through the window draped with day curtain and accompanied by lovely display of plants and ornaments.

Small section selling serve ware. Felt so tempted to buy one of the tea pot set and glass cups as well.

A full cupboard of assorted stationery and stuff.

Assortment of handmade jewellery. Used to buy so many when I went Japan.

Crochet accessories like necklace, bracelet, ring, made by Diana of Sewinlove.

I like the clock, and the banner.

Eco-friendly cloth bags.

Cozy corner for shoppers to relax.

Kawaii crochet and handsewn soft toys!

Crochet cake. I like this so much!

Almost wanted to buy the mugs and spoons, but seriously I have too many at home, so KIV first.

I thought the overall feel of the shop is quite similar to some of the zakka shops in Tokyo, especially those at Jiyougaoka, Kichijoji and Shimokitazawa. It's heartening to see more people appreciating and adopting zakka culture in Singapore, hope to see more new products coming in!

Now, about the workshop. There were seven participants including myself. Each of us received 3 balls of yarn, a crochet hook, a tapestry needle, a stitch marker and a printed set of notes with pattern instructions.

I really like the colours and size of these grannie squares. These are 2 sizes smaller (using 4mm hook) than what we were taught in class. For beginners, it would be easier to start with 6mm hook and heavier/thicker yarn .

Honestly I was quite overwhelmed during class because the stitches and all sounded confusing and I kept forgetting the steps! Like Diana said, learning curve is steep but once I got the hang of it, it all started to make sense. I was so pleased with myself for completing a grannie square (almost, left with final stitches) at the end of the workshop.

Worried that I might forget the steps, I practised another grannie square when I reached home (close to 11pm coz went shopping and dinner). There were some steps which I forgot, luckily there are youtube videos for reference. It was past midnight when I completed the square, but I had strong urge to try the doily! So, I pressed on and completed the doily based on free pattern provided. By the time I finished it was close to 3am! Exhausted but really happy!! Next morning when I showed my work to hubby, he said they were well done especially the doily, I could make more for CNY.

All in all, it was a very fruitful workshop and I'm glad to attend it and learn something new :) I'm already thinking of purchasing more yarn and hooks to make more squares and doilies.

And oh, what did I buy at BFF Zakka Store? Love at first sight when I saw the plant. Although I'm a notorious plant killer, hope that this lovely potted plant will survive ok? And this set of coasters and place mat was on sale, and so I couldn't resist again :p

Paired the new potted plant with my crochet doilies, which looks the best? Each has a different feel. I think I need to make more with different colours like green and brown soon! Need to get my hands on more yarn. Oh dear, I still have a long to-do list before CNY, and with this new hobby coming on board, oopsss....


  1. Oh well done! I can't even get to grips with holding the yarn properly!

    Still following your adventures - and loving your blog :)

    Hugs, Di xx

  2. LOve the cute Zakka shoP. Are you going to crochet a blanket with your squares?

  3. Hi Di, nice to hear from you again. I had aching hands after :p

  4. Hi Lisa, ermmm, not blanket for now, too challenging! Haha. Gonna make small items like grannie squares and doilies.

  5. Your purple dollies is so pretty! Hope to see more of your work soon!

  6. Hi Elyn,
    You are into crochet as well! =D I hope I have more time to make doilies and grannie squares and even amigurumi!

  7. Hi Meg, yup! pick up crochet again! Perhaps we could exchange some tips on it :)