04 January 2014

Japanese-style Ombre Strawberry Shortcake

Proudly presenting my Japanese-style Ombre Strawberry Shortcake - feminine and sweet looking tri-colour sponge cake that's moist, tender and light, with chantilly cream and lots of juicy Korean strawberries that's in season now.

There has been feedback about my lychee ombre cake and rainbow cake being dense in texture. So far I've been using a white-cake base for the cake layers because this particular cake base is more suitable for tinting the multiple colours. I would have preferred a sponge-base cake that's moist, light and tender but technically much more difficult to tint colours as too much mixing of the batter would cause the cake to become dense.

Singaporeans seem to prefer fluffy sponge cakes but I really don't want to use artificial chemicals such as sponge cake emulsifiers to help tenderise the cake, so I decided to attempt the ombre cake again using Chef Aki Watanabe's vanilla roll cake recipe (learnt during a workshop at Shermay's Cooking School). Basically I split the batter into three portions and tinted two of the portions. Tinting action had to be quick yet tender to avoid deflating the batter too much. As you can see from the cake layers, the middle and bottom layers were flatter.

Nevertheless, I was quite happy with the overall result. The cake was indeed tender, moist and light, just like Japanese-style strawberry shortcake. I love it!

Subsequently I also made another 4-layer rainbow cake by tinting the batter early in the process, which means I had to bake the recipe individually 4 times. So much more work involved! But the result was perfect and the sponge layers were not deflated.

I'm not sharing the recipe here because it's under copyright by the Chef and Shermay's Cooking School. There's another recipe by Junko Fukuda (Roll cake book) which I'll be testing. If the result turns out well, I will then share the recipe.

Meanwhile, if anyone is interested in ordering this cake, please drop me an email or visit Meg's Pastry Studio