10 January 2014

Phuket Dec 2013 - Part III Elements Restaurant at Pullman Phuket Arcadia

Continued from
Part I - Ocean Room at Pullman Arcadia Phuket Naithon Beach
Part II - Kids Club and Float family pool

elements is the main restaurant at Pullman Arcadia that offers all-day dining. There's another Italian restaurant which we still didn't get to try this time.

Did I mention before that they serve one of the best and biggest buffet spread during breakfast? And fear not for not waking up in time for their breakfast hour is 6.30am to 11am!

As usual, love their interior furnishing. These red plants really pop and certainly eye-catching!

The first day we had breakfast, we opted alfresco but I regretted because kept having to walk in and out of the restaurant (take food for son, take food for myself).

Have taken lots of photos previously so did not take that many this time.

Imagine having roast pork for breakfast? Hahaha. It was GOOD!

Different types of juices.

Red bull! These weren't available previously.

Love this coconut-flavour yogurt!

Didn't take much notice of this automated pancake machine previously.
Dear son was so intrigued by the machine that he ate double portions for all three breakfasts.

Really like it that all sorts of condiments and sauces were readily available.

The below plates were what I ate for the three breakfasts. Gluttony, I know :p

During our last night in Phuket, we decided to dine in at the resort. Couldn't decide between room service or dine at the restaurant because the room service menu is quite limited in selection. So we decided to pop into the restaurant for a look since our room is just next building.

Buffet theme was Thai cuisine that night and when we saw the dessert spread, we knew that we had to take the buffet :p although we hardly eat buffet and unlikely to eat much as well.

Phad Thai noodles cooked-to-order. Hubby ordered a plate for sharing. Unfortunately the noodles weren't fried properly, some parts were to hard and dry. We took only a few mouths and abandoned it altogether. No point wasting the calorie.

BBQ meat and roasts. So-so, nothing to shout-about. Beef was a little tough though.

Grilled fish. Couldn't remember whether I ate this?

Good spread of appetisers, I tried a few, not bad.

Impressive salad bar!

Different types of curries and stews. There were also some deep fried stuff.

Fruits selection was ordinary, special item was the pomegranate.

We couldn't wait to tuck in to dessert!

Mango sticky rice! Nice, but mango a little sour. I think mango was not in season.

I think we ended up eating more dessert than the savory food coz wanted to try all the different types.

Overall, I thought the standard of the buffet was slightly below our expectations, taking the Phad Thai and roast meats for example. Luckily the dessert made up for it. I guess if we were to dine in again, we would just go for ala carte.

Next post is on the Spa! Stay tuned!

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