14 January 2014

Phuket Dec 2013 - Part V Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket

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For this trip, we had already planned to visit the Phuket Splash Jungle Water Park, weather permitting. The water park is located next to Centara West Sands and very near to the airport. Guests staying at Centara West Sands can have unlimited access to the water park but we reckoned a day trip of just 2-3hrs should be sufficient.

Anyways, we rented a car (pick-up and drop-off at the airport) so it was pretty convenient for us to travel around. The journey from Pullman Arcadia to the water park was a 20 min drive away only.

There are clear signages along the way, so no issue finding the place. Hubby also brought along his GPS just in case.
We reached the splash jungle around 11+am. Tickets are priced at 1295 baht per day for adults and 650 baht for children 5 to 12 years old. Yeah, dear son got in for free!

The park operates based on a cashless system. We were issued a locker key cum tag; basically we could dump all our belongings in the assigned lockers and if we need to purchase anything, use the tag to record the purchase and upon checking-out, total charges were then tabulated.

The first thing we saw upon entering the park was this giant water slide. Naturally this was not for us.

Didn't catch anyone playing this.

Saw a small playground, but nobody's interested since the water park playground was more fun.

Separate male and female changing areas with toilet, shower and locker facilities.

Large locker area (this is just one section). Every visitor is assigned a specific locker number.

I like it that the locker area is very spacious, airy and clean. The only complaint was there weren't enough toilet cubicles and changing rooms (only 2 each). Some visitors used the toilet to change, and as a result when we need to use the toilet, had to wait for very long time! It was strange that while more than sufficient lockers are available, basic facilities like toilets and changing rooms are lacking.

Massage services available (chargeable).

The only restaurant in the water park.

We like it that the entire water park is very spacious and well-kept.

Mini water fountain area for very young kids.

The giant slide structure called the Boomerango we saw earlier.

The Superbowl. We didn't try all these since dear son was with us. I don't think I would dare to either.

Open area next to the kids play area. Wished there were more deck chairs, all of them were occupied and we had to put our stuff like slippers and towels at another area which was very far away from the kids area.

Start/end point of the lazy river. Floats were readily available for use. The lazy river was very relaxing and spanned almost the entire area of the water park. Dear son loved it so much, we went 2-3 rounds.

The water flow was quite gentle.

Wave pool.

Kids play area. Similar to the Sentosa Port of Lost Wonder but slightly bigger scale. There were a few slides and 2 of them were quite steep and fast!

Another kids play area with very gentle slides, for the younger kids.

Dear son had a great time at the water park, and we played for almost 2hrs before we left for lunch. Apart from towel rental, we didn't incur any other charges.

If you are staying near the area, it's worth to pay a visit. Although ticket price is a little steep, we thought it was reasonable because the whole park was clean and well-maintained, and there were ample lifeguards who kept vigilant to ensure safety of everyone. My only gripe was really the lack of toilet facilities and insufficient deck chairs near the kids play area.

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