18 January 2014

Phuket Dec 2013 - Part VI Dining in Phuket

Continued from
Part II - Kids Club and Float family pool
Part III - Elements Restaurant at Pullman Arcadia

This is the last post on the Phuket trip *phew*!

Since we rented a car for our trip, we made use of the opportunity to go around hunting for good authentic local thai restaurants.

Hubby found out about this restaurant through the internet which is located a little north of Phuket Town at Leam Hin. It's slightly off the beaten track and mostly frequented by locals. There's actually a small fishing community there with wooden houses on stilts, as well as a jetty where boats ferry passengers to Koh Maphrao and Koh Rang. There are also some floating restaurants around the area.

We were surprised that the restaurant is quite big.

Alfresco dining that stretches all the way out. More suitable for late evening and night when it's not so hot.

Jetty where boats ply to Koh Maphrao, Koh Rang and floating restaurants.

Overall feel is quite rustic. Interesting find for us this trip.

How about the food quality?

Fried egg for dear son.

Couldn't remember the name of this vegetable, but it was very nice. Juicy and crunchy and not as fibrous as we thought.

My must-order dish, thai prawn cake. It was not bad.
Tom Yum Soup which was not bad either, ingredients were fresh and soup was spicy and tangy.

Glass noodle with prawn. Not bad, the glass noodle was springy and flavourful.

Quite disappointed with this fish. The way it was cut and fried, the meat became too dry and tasteless. Nothing compared to the one we had in Koh Samui.

Overall, the meal was ok but it didn't wow us like Koh Samui did. We would give it a 6.5/10 as compared to Krao Chao Bann and Sabieng Lae in Koh Samui (both rank 8.5/10).

The next day's lunch, we headed to Rang Hill which is located in Phuket Town. There are a few restaurants up the hill and Khao Rang Breeze is one of them.

I guess one of the attraction about this place is the view and ambience. The service was quite good as well, the service staff were all very attentive and quick.

Ordered a thai iced tea which was very good, milky and fragrant.

We weren't very hungry, so just ordered a few small dishes, and for dear son a fish and chips.

Stir fried kailan with roast pork. Quite well done, vegetable was crunchy and the roast pork savoury.

Stir fried flat rice noodle. It was ok, just lack a bit of wok hei.

Tried the thai prawn cake as well. It was ok as well.

Dear son's fish and chips was terrible though, fish was too dry and crust too thick and hard. Overall the meal was so-so only, with a much higher price tag as compared to Leamhin Seafood Restaurant.

On our last day, before heading to the airport, we dropped by Naiyang Beach for our lunch.

Of all the places, we still prefer this area which is rustic, value-for-money and served reasonably good local thai food. Love to sit in these beach huts.

Sunny day with awesome weather.

The beach was lovely, with lots of beachgoers suntanning.

Sea was very calm and perfect for swimming.

My favourite thai soda water, served with thai lime.

Stir fry glass noodle with pork. Very flavourful.

Hubby's favourite tom yum soup, very spicy and tangy.

Grilled squid. Springy and very flavourful with BBQ smell and taste. Yummy!

Overall, we were disappointed that we have yet to find good authentic thai restaurants in Phuket that could be comparable to the food standards and pricing of Sabeing Lae and Krao Chao Bann in Koh Samui. If anyone could provide recommendations, we would deeply appreciate it!

We will return to Phuket again for sure, and hopefully the next time fare better in our hunt for good thai food.

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